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5 Tips To Getting Glowing Skin

5 Tips To Getting Glowing Skin

5 Tips To Getting Glowing Skin. We talk about it a lot in the summer, but the truth is that you want your skin to glow all year long. Whether you opt for staying out of the sun, spray tans or sun worshipping.(better wear that sunscreen – we’re watching you), there’s one thing you need to give some thought to and that’s exfoliation.

Exfoliating Grains

If you are hesitant about getting onto the exfoliating bandwagon, think about what it does for you. Exfoliation buffs away the top layer of dead skin to reveal the fresher looking skin underneath. Now who wouldn’t want that?!

The How To

The good news is that there are lots of way to exfoliate the skin. A basic exfoliant can be made with some of the simple household products that you may even have lying around already like sugar or salt.

In A Hurry?

For those of you who are strapped for time, not to worry – exfoliating is only recommended one to three times a week. Exfoliating can also help clear up acne and breakouts, as well as smooth your skin, improve its texture and fight signs of aging.

Let’s face it no one wants to age and exfoliation gives you the glowing, youthful flush to the skin that we all love.


All-natural ingredients are rapidly climbing to the top of everyone’s must have list. After all, who wants products that are toxic and loaded with chemicals? Better still, you will want to use something free of any additives, harsh chemicals or preservatives.

When reading the labels of your beauty products make sure you read them as diligently as you read the labels on your foods. Shy away from products laden with harsh additives, preservatives, chemicals and words you can’t pronounce.


Next time you’re sprinkling some sugar onto your breakfast cereal, you might want to set aside some of that grainy goodness. Why? Sugar is an excellent, gentle exfoliator.

Sometimes used in combination with coconut oil or cocoa butter, sugar’s fine texture will not contribute to clogged pores like other thicker pastes could. Sugar also has moisturizing properties to keep your body soft and smooth all day long.

Plus, it’s natural. Sugar is known especially well in the beauty world for helping with stubborn dry, cracked feet and may be an option for those of you without the time to shop.


Have you heard of the miracle-working powers of bamboo powder? If you haven’t, then it’s time to read up. Not only is bamboo powder gentle on your skin while still exfoliating it, but it also has acne clearing properties, anti-wrinkle and anti-cellulite abilities to boot!

This is probably why it has so many uses in microdermabrasion and polishes, not to mention body scrubs. We chose bamboo powder for our Sugah Sand exfoliating grains because of those properties and because it will not dissolve as rapidly as salt or sugar.

It gives you time to work it in to your skin and rinse off when you’re done exfoliating. The best part is that you control how much or how little Sugah Sand you’ll need, so you can go gentle or you can go rough depending on what you’re needs are. Sprinkle it in to your balm cleanser for a customized cleansing and exfoliating experience.


A personal fave of mine are peel pads from Blue Mercury. These workhorses are often underestimated, but they hold the key to clear, clean skin. They can be made with one or a combination of acids. Be careful though if you have sensitive skin – you will want to patch test before using all over your face or body.

Peel pads will tingle when they first hit your skin. That is the sure sign that they are working. Some have neutralizing pads, some require rinsing with water and some neutralize on their own. It is normal to look a little pink or red afterwards but when your skin calms down you will see brighter skin, cleaner looking skin.

They are wonderful at helping the skin to stay clear. I always recommend them as part of of the cleansing ritual for anyone battling skin issues, acne or cystic acne. I recommend using peel pads 2-3 times a week to keep your skin looking it’s freshest.


A good old fashioned washcloth can give you great exfoliation benefits. Simply add one to your cleansing ritual and you’ll see its gentle buffing results reveal brighter skin.