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Covid-19 Update: As of 5.22.20 We are experiencing delays of 3 to 4 days on all domestic orders. All international orders can expect an additional 5 to 8 days on top of their regular shipping times.
Covid-19 Update: As of 5.22.20 We are experiencing delays of 3 to 4 days on all domestic orders. All international orders can expect an additional 5 to 8 days on top of their regular shipping times.
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8 Simple Makeup Tips For A Flawless Face

8 Simple Makeup Tips For A Flawless Face

We’re all busy right? Let’s face it. We all like to look good while we’re rushing around doing this thing called life. I get it. Your face is the first thing most people will notice about you, so I get asked constantly about how to create a daily routine that can be quick, easy and worth spending our precious time doing.

Here are 8 easy tips to get you out the door & looking flawless

Prepare it

Clean skin is clear skin, so take the time to cleanse your skin well with a great quality cleanser. My preference is to always used an oil based cleanser as they offer deep cleaning & makeup removal in one step and leave behind cushioned, radiant skin.

Not all oils are created equal, so please take care to read labels and use a cleanser that has high quality carrier oils and nourishing essential oils. Our fans out there know that the Hush + Dotti’s cleansing balms are like none other when it comes to deeply cleaning & clearing the skin without stripping it.

Plump it

Moisturizers and other forms of hydration like hydrating serums do something more than feel good and offer a cozy cushion to the skin. Hydration plumps up the surface of the skin giving a smoother, more even appearance.

Plumping up the skin with a great moisturizer or face oil is the best way to start the day. The skin gets dehydrated as the day goes on simply from being on the go.

Coffee & alcohol consumption along with neglecting our daily water intake will only make it worse. My all time favorite form of hydration is to use a face oil that leaves the surface of your skin non greasy & ready for makeup application.

Face oils do not have the water content that cream based moisturizers do, so they pack more of a hydrating punch. This leaves the skin beautifully plumped and primed for makeup. We don’t call ours Dream Drops for nothin’!

Protect it

Sunscreen! I can’t say it enough. Protecting your skin daily with a barrier of high quality sunscreen is the best defense against premature aging. Once the sun damage is done it is nearly impossible to undo.

Invest in a superb sunscreen that is (please, please, please) not filled with chemicals. There are several on the market today that can offer you incredible sun protection without coating your fabulous face with unnecessary chemicals. I adore Coola and their products. I highly recommend their Cucumber Matte SPF30

Powder it

Be careful, this part can be very, very tricky. Powdering is not something that should happen automatically. Powder is something that asks for your respect and patience.

Powder can be used to set the foundation, but again I would apply it mainly to the t-zone area. Leave your cheeks glowy. Powder is almost always something I reserve for TV, photography or those with very oily complexions.

Powder is not something that should be painted on with a broad brush & used on everybody. Powder can work against you as much as it can work for you, so be smart in how you use it, when you use it and how much you use of it.

Perfect it

The two key products for perfecting the skin are concealer and liquid foundation. Concealer gets applied under the eye in a half moon shape, then gets blended in leaving a smooth & lifted appearance. Foundation gets applied mostly in the t-zone of the face (the forehead, nose & chin area form a “t” shape which is referred to as the t-zone) then gets blended down to the jawline from there.

Always Blend, Blend, Blend

There should be very little foundation left to blend by the time you get to the jawline. The t-zone is often the reddest or most uneven part of the face, so that’s why we start there and concentrate the coverage in that area.

Take care not to overdo the foundation. Use a sponge or a foundation brush. When you’re done, your skin should look smooth and glowing, but most importantly it should look like skin and not makeup.

Bronzer can be used to blend into the face to warm up the complexion. It’s also a great tool for making sure the face, neck and chest have the same coloring. While bronzer is an exceptional product you should refrain from trying to tint your skin to be significantly darker than it is naturally.

That will leave you looking more like a cartoon character and less like the fierce babe that you are.

Pop it

While I realize that the Walking Dead is an enormously popular show, I am not an advocate of walking around in every day life looking like a zombie. For that reason I always like to infuse a healthy flush of color into the check area.

A Blush Can Go A Long Way

Punching up the cheek color is the best way to brighten up the complexion to make you look awake, refreshed and ready for the day. I like to push the envelope here and suggest you opt for brighter tones than you may normally be comfortable with.

Bright pinks, peachy corals and rich apricots are so flattering when used in the right measure. Got wicked allergies or a hangover? Make sure there’s plenty of blush on those cheeks. It’s one of my favorite tricks to wake up the complexion.

Bree Wearing Our Gel Eyeliner

Pucker it

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a beautiful makeup application goes awry because someone has the gnarliest, driest, crustiest (yes I said it) lips. Our lips take a beating and can often be the most ignored part of the face.

Exfoliate them gently with a washcloth and take care to hydrate them with a rich, nourishing lip balm. If you hate lip balm, then try a little lip gloss. Most good quality lip glosses have many of the same ingredients as lip balm does.

They will provide you with a shine that will help to camouflage your dry flaky lips while they heal themselves into a better place.

Peace out

Pressed for time? Put your mascara on while riding the train. With your skin looking flawless, you barely need anything else to create a gorgeous look for whatever today throws at you. Grab your favorite scarf or pair of earrings and take that glow on the road.

I am a fanatic for creating flawless skin and hope that these 8 quick and easy steps help you start your day off looking flawless, feeling fabulous and ready to rock ‘n’ roll. We love helping you get your glow on, so please email us at with any questions about your skincare routine, your current skin concerns or for creating your every day flawless face.

Dina Altieri – Professional Makeup Artist