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Covid-19 Update: As of 5.22.20 We are experiencing delays of 3 to 4 days on all domestic orders. All international orders can expect an additional 5 to 8 days on top of their regular shipping times.
Covid-19 Update: As of 5.22.20 We are experiencing delays of 3 to 4 days on all domestic orders. All international orders can expect an additional 5 to 8 days on top of their regular shipping times.
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A Fall Beauty Guide to Impeccable Skincare and Makeup

Fall Beauty Guide
Finally, we are being treated to the crisp fall air that we dream about all year long. From a beauty perspective, fall is the one time of year where it’s easy to look your best. There is no humidity in the air to wreak havoc on your hair and makeup & you still have enough of your suntan left to forego stockings. Your cheeks have a healthy flush and your hair is still shimmering with natural highlights from the sun. You don’t quite need a coat, a delicious warm sweater will do. You can opt for either sandals or a great pair of boots without looking like you’ve lost your mind. Fall fashion is so cozy, creative and fun. Surprisingly, the same words and emotions can apply to your skincare and makeup, too. Yes it’s really true and that’s what this fall beauty guide is all about.
the leaves are turning their much awaited for myriad of colors and are starting to tumble off of the trees
It’s part of the magic of being a girl that we must rethink our beauty routines given our moods, monthly cycle and many hats that we all wear. It can never be guaranteed that what you need on a Wednesday is what you’ll need on a Thursday, however it is a known fact that when the seasons change it’s definitely time to tweak a little of this and a little of that to make sure you are getting what you need to look your best. As always when we talk beauty, we start with the skin. Once the skin looks its best, the makeup part of your routine flows more effortlessly, so let’s start there.

Fall Skincare

Fall Beauty Guide Here’s your fall beauty guide for keeping your skin nourished:
  1. Rethink your cleanser. The water based, oil free formulas that you may like in the summer will leave your skin dry and thirsty as the weather cools down. Switch to something richer, more emollient or oil based and your skin will look & feel supple and hydrated.
  2. Just as you layer up your clothing this time of year, you’ll want to think about layering up your skincare. As the summer heat dwindles with it goes the intense humidity that can make our skin feel hydrated and plump. You’ll want to replace that with a great feeling moisturizer or two.
  3. My favorite trick is to layer one type of moisturizer on top of the other. I always start with a great face oil. People get crazy when they think of hydrating with oils, but using a face oil packed with vitamin enriched ingredients is the best thing you can do for yourself. Calm down, face oils are not going to break your skin out. I’m talking about a high quality, hydrating face oil which is made with non-comedogenic ingredients like rosehip oil, argan oil and carrot seed oil (to name a few), so there’s no way you can break out from using it.
  4. Once your face oil is absorbed you can layer on a moisturizer for extra hydration. You may only want to use that on your cheeks (as they tend to be the most dry part of the face), but as the weather grows colder it’s great thing to put everywhere on the face. Always think about what you need and then give it to your skin. You wouldn’t deprive your body of water or food, so don’t deprive your skin of the nourishment that it needs.
  5. Never skip hydrating under your eyes. I love it when people think that they can use their facial moisturizer under their eyes. That’s like using a spoon to eat a steak. Sure, it can work to some degree, but it’s really not the right tool for the job. Eye creams and eye balms are made with the eye area specifically in mind, so they are typically richer in consistency. Often they are made from gentle ingredients and meant to deeply penetrate the skin around the eye. Most will be readily absorbed so you can put concealer on top of them right away. We do not have oil glands under our eyes, so that’s the first area of the face to get dehydrated and those little, fine, dry lines are a result of that – for that reason alone moisturizing under the eyes is not a step that you’ll want to skip!
  6. The neck and chest are like the forgotten stepchildren of the body. We pay so much attention to our faces that we often ignore the neck and chest areas. Always take care to hydrate your neck and chest in the same way that you do your face. They need the same attention so they can stay plump, supple and looking their best. I always notice this when I watch tv. I often see a celebrity or news anchor with a great looking face, but the skin on their neck and chest is completely forgotten and left looking red, dry and out of sync with the rest of their lovely appearance. So when you’re showing your face and eyes the love of a good skincare routine, make sure to include your neck and chest in that too. Don’t be surprised if you see a noticeable difference in as little as a week.

Fall Makeup

Fall Beauty Guide
Lipstick: Danny
Foundation: Channing
So now that we’ve covered how to best get your skin looking it’s radiant best, we can move on to discussing your makeup routine. Your fall beauty guide for keeping your makeup looking fresh:
  1. You see your suntan waning, but there’s no need to be sad. There are some amazing self tanners out there that can keep your summer glow going. No time for that? No problem. Instead be sure not to skip the bronzing powder. The right shade of bronzer will warm up your complexion and give you back that luster that can only come from being in the great outdoors.
  2. Beautiful rich shades of copper, brown, gold, taupe, bronze, sand, sable and honey are just the right compliment to what’s left of your summer glow. As luck would have it, they are also the perfect tones to blend with your fall wardrobe. These shades warm and flatter the complexion. Regardless of what your skin tone is, these shades will compliment it and look natural while doing it.
  3. The perfect compliment to these rich brown tones are pink or coral. Choose them when selecting your blush or lip color. Definitely don’t skip the pop of color that is often necessary when working with these more subtle and natural tones.
  4. The right type of shimmer will put back that gleam that comes to the skin in the hot summer months. In the summer that glow is caused by heat and humidity warming up the skin and makeup. We can duplicate that by using some well placed shimmer on the top of the cheekbones which will lift and brighten the face. It will also highlight the cheekbones for a glowing and overall illuminated appearance.
  5. Whatever you do, don’t skip the lip gloss. Lip gloss reflects light and brightens the face like nothing else. Just using gloss alone can create a simple and flattering lip. Glosses come in the most beautiful colors, so choose a cheery tone to compliment your end of summer tan and the warm tones we recommend to flatter it.
  6. Keep it simple. No need to cake on the makeup to look and feel great. It’s still warm enough outside to rock that easy breezy summer spirit as we wrap up for fall.
No matter what season or transition time it it, there are lots of ways to rethink your skincare and makeup to keep yourself looking and feeling your every day best! All the best my beauties. dina-signature