message of love

My mother always said I was born with a curling iron in one hand and a mascara wand in the other. I never doubted it. My obsession with beauty is a part of who I am as a person and those who know me will smile in agreement.

Me becoming a makeup artist surprised no one. What was surprising was that after years as a makeup pro, I was devastated to learn about the harsh toxins contained within our products. This disgusted me both personally and professionally. How could my beloved beauty industry betray me like this? How could I go to the gym & yoga several times a week, eat healthy, think healthy, breathe healthy and then pollute my body with toxins? It wasn’t happening.

Of course, I did what any sane person would do and set out to buy healthier products for myself and my pro kit. There were literally none. Everything I found lacked the right texture, scent, lasting power and image. After endless searching, I discovered that there were no high performance, luxurious, nontoxic choices for makeup & skin care. My oh my.

I had to right this wrong. A woman on a mission, I reached out to all of my peers in the industry asking what their favorite products were and why. I carefully complied all of their info and listed each and every ingredient that made them work. With each key ingredient, I found its nontoxic equivalent. Eventually, I started writing my own recipes and gave them to my fellow pros to test. After years of testing & feedback, they evolved into the formulas they are today. Every ingredient serves a purpose. Everything we do has a solid reason behind it. There are a zillion products on the market today. I was not about to create anything but the BEST of Mother Nature’s remedies combined into the finest luxury beauty products.

H+D is an expression of our collective love of beauty products. Even extreme minimalists have products they won’t live without. We have named our collection after friends, family and famous inspiring females. For example, my cousin Jojo has asked me to recommend the perfect neutral lipstick for as long as I can remember. That’s why I created the perfect nude color and named it Jojo, of course! She loves it & naturally searches no more. True story.

Join our Hush + Dotti family and feel the love every time you use one of our outstanding products.

Dina Altieri
CEO & Co-Founder