Eventually, after many years in the beauty industry my love of makeup was meshed with my burning desire to educate people about making safer choices for their beauty care. The obsession continued. I started writing my own recipes, testing them. Reformulating. Testing again. Re-writing recipes, testing again and again and again. Eventually we derived formulas that are as effective as they are pure. The skincare formulas that we offer from Hush & Dotti are original to us and us alone. We do not buy our skincare from a third party and stick our snazzy label on it like most brands do. We are driven by our passion for glowing skin. By deep cleaning the pores with essential oils in a base of vitamin packed carrier oils, you get the clear, clean skin you’ve always dreamed of. After all, Mother Nature does know best.

Along with my team of professional makeup experts, we have developed our line of makeup to be the perfect compliment to our skincare. It is professional quality, pigmented and can stand up to bright lights & photography. It is also perfect for the everyday natural makeup application. We are committed to offering chemical free, cruelty free, plant based beauty essentials that offer luxury, efficacy and the peace of mind in knowing that you’re not polluting your body. Simply put, there is no reason to saturate your body with chemicals in the name of beauty any longer.

We infuse our products with love. Our passion is beauty without all of the garbage. We are powered by our fierce knowledge of the beauty industry and our mission is to truly change the world one beauty product a time.

Co-Founder, Dina Altieri