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Is Anti Aging Possible Let’s Discuss

Is Anti Aging Possible

What does this nebulous term, anti-agin even mean? Are we aging in reverse, is there a product out there that promises the fountain of youth? For the past few months I’ve been researching this thing crazy little thing called anti-aging and so I share my thoughts.

A few days ago, this impactful statement was published by Allure Magazine: “Effective immediately, the phrase ‘anti-aging’ is banned from the Allure lexicon and style guide – moving forward, we will not be ‘anti’ aging. Yes, we will give you tips on how to take care of yourself, and yes, we will review the products that help you do so – but we’ll be making a concerted effort to stop shaming women for getting older, and to celebrate their beauty instead.” To illustrate their point, they used the awe inspiring Dame Helen Mirren to kick it all off.

DAMN Allure, what took you so long?

I’ve been saying it for years. Logically, biologically and hormonally there is no such thing as anti-aging. It is quite literally impossible for us not to age.

Life on planet Earth means we are subject to the laws of gravity. Over time, the elastin and collagen in the layers of our skin breaks down and slows in production. Combine that with gravity and we get sagging skin. It’s nothing to get hysterical over. Being realistic about what happens as we age is a beautiful thing. It allows us to understand the aging progress and to rethink the entire subject of anti-aging.

Every time you go out for a walk, hike, swim, bike ride, do yoga, visit the gym or partake in any form of exercise – you are anti-aging. Every single time you decide to put something healthy in your mouth – you are anti-aging. Laughing, loving, smiling, giving, creating harmony in your environment are all powerful anti-aging mechanisms. I promise you that anti-aging does not come in a jar. I also promise you that growing older is a glorious thing and nothing to be ashamed of.

Is Anti Aging Possible

We’re In This Together

Think of all of the heartbreaking stories we hear every day. There are countless people who have been robbed of the joy of growing older. Living to see another trip around the sun is indeed cause for much celebration on many levels.

Collectively, we all wish to grow on some level. Progressing in our family life, our careers, activities and social life are normal every day thoughts. I have never met one person in my entire life who said “nope, I’m done growing so I’m just going to sit in this chair until I die”. Saying we are not aging is like saying we are not growing. The term anti-aging literally connotes a sense of anti-growth and anti-progress. Yet, with that all of this being said, the beauty industry has done a masterful job of teaching us to be ashamed of growing older. Hence, all of these anti- aging products that flood the marketplace.

With growth comes wisdom and with wisdom comes greater knowledge. Furthering our knowledge inevitably leads to healthier choices in our lives. We are the masters of our own Universe and can therefore drive ourselves down the road to better health. Now, of course you aren’t going to drive on the wrong side of the highway. Yet, many of you do just that by being reckless in your diet, lifestyle and product choices.

Benjamin Button, Where Are You?

Fun is a big part of a healthy lifestyle, so I’d never suggest that you stop having fun. Ever! Creating a lifestyle that is balanced is key. Removing toxins in your household cleaning products & in your beauty products is easy, and dare I say necessary. Lucky for us, there are lots of nontoxic product choices available everywhere. In the beauty industry, this new category is called “Clean Beauty”. And it’s here to stay. There are stores devoted to offering only clean beauty products cropping up all over the country. Gone is the need to use beauty products that contain things like parabens, phthalates and coal tar. Yikes. Once you educate yourself as to the effects of these harmful ingredients, you won’t possibly be able to consider using products that contain them ever again.

You get one body. We don’t get to trade our bodies in after they’ve put on a bunch of miles, like we get to do with our cars. It’s important to be good to your body and not flood it with toxins that cause your liver, kidneys and other organs to work overtime at detoxification. Help it along with safe, healthy choices in every aspect of your life. That alone assists remarkably in the aging process.

Aging Is A Beautiful Thing

Your age and weight have nothing to do with how beautiful you are. Thankfully, we are entering a time where age is FINALLY being celebrated. With people like Betty White, Dame Helen Mirren, Baddie Winkle, Carol Channing and model Carmen Dell’Orefice lighting our way, we are all destined for aging awesomeness.

Be well from the inside out. Do good deeds. Think good thoughts. Detoxify your life. Yes, my darling friends – THIS the anti-aging miracle you’ve been looking for in that tiny jar.

Anti Aging What?