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Balms & Oils In The Summertime

Oil Based Skincare Routine

Balms & Oils – The weather is soooo warm & suddenly my skincare routine isn’t working…!!!! Is this how you feel? take heart, most of us need to change our skincare routine and our makeup products with the seasons.
As the weather warms, your skincare needs will change. Dry skin will become less dry and therefore doesn’t need the rich moisturizers that it is so reliant on in the winter.

Oily skins will likely become even more oily and require more balance. If this is exasperating you, just tweak it a little bit at a time so you don’t feel like you’ve got to totally reinvent your beauty wheel.

Balms & Oils

First of all, start off by evaluating the cleanser you are using. Most cleansers are universal enough to be used in all seasons. By far the best type of cleanser to take you through all seasons is a balm cleanser. An oil based balm cleanser will deep clean without stripping, so they’re perfect for dry or sun drenched skin and will offer balance to skins that are producing more oil. Not all balm cleansers are created equal, so be sure to choose one that is chemical free and full of essential oils.

Secondly, evaluate your moisturizer. More often than not, this is the product that needs to be tweaked as the weather warms. You’ll likely need to switch to a lighter formula and then save your richer moisturizer for nighttime. This is a great time to try a hydrating face oil, especially one that has a dry finish to it. They plump the skin really well so they’re also excellent primers for the skin (and will save you the need to buy a separate primer).

I know, I know it’s super counterintuitive to think that an oil based product (especially in the warm summer months) can offer so much, but it’s true. The happiest day of my life was when I took the leap of faith to care for my oily skin with a balm cleanser and an oil based serum for moisture. My oil is controlled to the point where I glow, but not shine. I barely need to powder throughout the day whereas I used to have to powder every hour. My skin is clearer than ever and my makeup always stays fresh looking. You honestly won’t believe it until you try it!