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11 tips to help you choose the right makeup artist for the big day

So the big question just got popped and now comes planning the big day. They’ll be loads of details, organization, logistics and family/friend dynamics to swim through, all while making decisions that are best for you & your betrothed. There’s lots to do and finding a great makeup artist is one of them. 

Game Changing Tips To Improve Your Skin Using Oils

As most of you know, I am always busy doing makeup. Last week, I was asked three times in one day about how to control oil and shine. Since I was literally being asked in stereo, I figured others could benefits from the information, so I thought I’d share. 

Anti Aging Is A Crock Of Malarkey

What does this nebulous term, anti-agin even mean? Are we aging in reverse, is there a product out there that promises the fountain of youth? For the past few months I’ve been researching this thing crazy little thing called anti-aging and so I share my thoughts.

The Definitive Guide On How to Choose Your Beauty Products

Feeling overwhelmed by all the natural skincare and cosmetic brands on the market today? Take heart, even beauty experts have trouble navigating the many choices that are out there. 

We’re Bringing Pretty Back

Throughout history, women have used all kinds of things in an effort to look their best.

8 Simple Makeup Tips For A Flawless Face

I’m busy, you’re busy – we’re all busy. But let’s face it. We all like to look good while we’re rushing around doing this thing called life.

6 Tips For The Best Prom Makeup Ever

Prom season is almost here, meaning it’s time to come up with the ultimate makeup combination before the big night!

What expecting mothers and moms need to know about makeup and skincare

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we thought it’d be fitting to talk about how your makeup and skincare routine can effect you and your baby’s health.

Can You Be Green & Festive At The Same Time?

After weeks of planning, we finally hit it off! Our first festival as exhibitors was a huge success, and we have all of our visitors and helpers who came out to thank for that. 

Why The Word “Natural” Is Often A Lie

Why is everything everywhere being called “all natural”? We see it everywhere – it’s on food labels, it’s on your beauty products and it’s even a way of life for some people, but what does it mean when our products say they’re “all natural”?

Your Holiday Guide To Giving The Gift Of Beauty

Holiday Gift Guide Tips – With all the best intentions in the world, you decide to gift a beauty product to a friend, family member, acquaintance or coworker.

What Kind Of A Makeup Wearer Are You?

We love it, we worship it and we adore it, but the stone cold truth is that makeup scares the crap out of most people.

Understanding Your Skin & Tips For Fighting Acne

As a professional makeup artist and now a makeup artistry educator, I say this to my students time and time again – makeup only looks as good as the skin it’s on.

Why Choose A Chemical Free Brand Over A Traditional One?

Every day we hear more and more about the chemicals used in our food, our household products, our living environments and now in our beauty and personal care products.

A Fall Beauty Guide to Impeccable Skincare and Makeup

Finally, we are being treated to the crisp fall air that we dream about all year long. From a beauty perspective, fall is the one time of year where it’s easy to look your best.

A Professional Makeup Artist’s Guide To Selecting The Right Foundation

Everyone who knows me knows that I am one of those makeup artists that is obsessed with skincare.

Demystifying The Oil Based Skin Care Routine

Oil Based Skin Care. When I mention to people that they use oils and oil based products to cleanse and care for their skin

Do You Know Your Skin Type

Skin type, do you know how to recognize yours? Are you struggling to determine which skin category you fall under? Well, fortunately a trip to the Dermatologist isn’t needed for this one. We’ve got you covered.

5 Tips To Getting Glowing Skin

5 Tips To Getting Glowing Skin. We talk about it a lot in the summer, but the truth is that you want your skin to glow all year long. Whether you opt for staying out of the sun, spray tans or sun worshipping.

Prepping Your Skin For The Big Day

Prepping Your Skin For The Big Day. How to get great skin for your wedding day – You’ve thought about this day since the moment you both met and now your big day is on the horizon.

Fighting Oil With Oil In The Summertime

Oil Cleansing is nothing to fear in the hot summer months. Oh baby it’s hot out there…..if you’re anything like me, you wait all year for the summer months when you look and feel your best.

Summer Makeup Solutions For Your Makeup Woes

Makeup Solutions – Are you finding that your tried and true makeup routine is just somehow letting you down? It happens every year – the weather gets warmer and your beauty routine grows cold. It’s absolutely normal that you will need to change your makeup and skincare needs as the weather warms.

Balms & Oils In The Summertime

Balms & Oils – The weather is soooo warm & suddenly my skincare routine isn’t working…!!!! Is this how you feel? take heart, most of us need to change our skincare routine and our makeup products with the seasons.

Springtime Tips To Getting Your Glow On

Glowing Skin – Springtime tips to getting the glow & luminosity back into your dull winter ravaged skin. Oh there’s no doubt about it – this winter was looooong. Too long.

How Important Is Your Skin?

Important Skincare Facts – Let’s talk about skin baby, let’s talk about you & me… You know it, I know it, we live in a time and place where everyone’s talking about what they eat, why they eat it and when or when not to eat it.

How To Do Brows…Properly

How now brow wow. We get silly around here sometimes, but we always remain serious about being beautiful. our pursuit of beauty and teaching the art of makeup in a comprehensive way is something we are passionate about.

Cleansing Balms, Good All Year Round?

Cleansing Balms – You’ve got a friend…. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – yup you know it girl, you’ve got a true, loyal friend in balm cleanser! 

Kookoo for Coconut

Coconut Oil – To coconut oil or to not coconut oil, that is the question….well it is noble in the mind…ahhh. You’ve heard it, you’ve read it, you’ve talked about it, your friend uses it

Caring For Your Skin

Caring For Your Skin – Skin, skin, skin! In all of my years of doing makeup, I can tell you that there is nothing more upsetting to a client than to have problem skin that they can’t find a cure for.

Prepping Your Skin For Winter

Prepping Your Skin For Winter – Our guide to taking the sting out of dry winter skin.