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Cleansing Balm: What is it and how to use it

A photo of our cleansing balm in sensitive

It’s All About The Face

We’re all about great skin being the canvas for an amazing makeup application. This begins with examining your skin care routine and diving deep into the pores. So if you are planning on washing your face today and you’re not using our cleansing balm, don’t even bother. Honestly, that isn’t some kind of a trick statement, so keep reading to learn why.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Cleansing balm lifts dirt, makeup and oil while also cleaning deep under the surface. It does all of this gently without stripping the skin & stimulating the oil glands. That’s why over time your skin gets naturally cleaner and clearer. Sorry all you soap lovers, but it just can’t compare. Soap and other lathering cleansers can dry the skin, disrupt its PH and leave a residue.

There’s a formula for you and you and you and…

We offer our cleansing balms in two highly effective formulas, Original and Sensitive. The original cleansing balm is specifically formulated for all skin types, especially those that are combination, acne prone and oily. The combination of essential oils detoxify, decongest and clarify the pores. Its carefully curated recipe is so balanced that your skin will never feel dry or stripped. That’s important because it won’t stimulate the oil glands. They get the message that “there is enough” and as a result there’s no spike in oil production. That’s why your skin balances out over time. When you are finished cleansing, all you see is refreshed and radiant skin.

Detoxify and decongest oily, dry, and combination skin with our original cleansing balm.

Our sensitive cleansing balm has a unique array of pure botanical ingredients that provide stability for delicate skin types. Sensitive skin types know how tricky it is to get their skin clean without upsetting it. Acne, cystic acne and those with dermatitis, eczema and other skin issues can all fall under the sensitive skin umbrella. Just as with the original formula, the skin becomes clarified and balanced so there’s no upset. When you are finished cleansing your skin will look clean and bright, yet feel cushioned.

Balance and clarify delicate skin with our sensitive cleansing balm.

Pure Ingredients = Results Driven Skincare

Our cleansing balms have the finest ingredients and provide just the right equilibrium to get your skin clean, radiant and most importantly balanced. Like magic, your pores get clean. Really clean. Clean pores = clear skin. Now that’s one equation you’ll want to remember when it comes to having great skin. No double cleansing necessary. If you need to double cleanse, then you’re using an inferior product. These incredible cleansing balms are a wonder and their ingredients tell the story why.

Shea Butter, Castor Oil and Olive Oil

Not only are these nourishing & hydrating on their own, they all share an interesting quality. They are know as surfactants. We normally hear surfactants mentioned in conjunction with detergents. They have two aspects – one attracts water and one breaks up dirt and oil. For this reason, these ingredients can clean as well as any lathering soap can! Unlike soap, they leave behind no dryness and no residue. That’s why I chose them as the base for my oil based cleanser formulas.

 Eucalyptus is used in our cleansing balm to clear congestion and deep clogged pores.

Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Clove Bud

These are astounding antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal essential oils. They dig deep within the pores to scoop out dirt, oils & bacteria. They clear congestion and deep clogged pores. That’s why when you first use this oil cleanser, you may see some purging and have a few breakouts. That’s your skin detoxing, which is totally normal and should clear up soon depending on your individual skin’s condition.

Lavender is a key ingredient used in cleansing balm to heal and clarify skin.


This essential oil is calming, healing, clarifying and herbaceous. It smells intoxicating and has a unisex appeal. Calming is key when deeply cleansing the skin so it doesn’t react. That is why our cleansing balms are so effective. The skin is cushioned, soothed and hydrated after cleansing. As a result there’s no oil stimulation like there is with harsh traditional cleansers. That leads to fewer and fewer break outs.

Blue Chamomile

This essential oil soothes the skin, is excellent for inflammation and calming redness. This is a key ingredient in an oil cleanser because its properties benefit all skin types. The lavender and blue chamomile work together to keep the skin calm. These are just a few of the many dreamy botanical oils that leave the skin smooth and soften wrinkles.

Carrot Seed

This essential oil targets healing the skin and supports collagen production. If you are concerned about fine lines, crows feet and are feeling like there’s nothing you can do to firm your skin, this is one ingredient that will help boost the elasticity that we naturally lose over time.


This essential oil is an excellent antioxidant & anti-inflammatory. It has regenerative properties and assists with many skin irritations, especially eczema and rosacea. No treatment for sensitive skin should be without this incredible healing oil.

Feel The Love of Our Multitasking Balm

The added bonus of our cleansing balms is that they melt your makeup right before your eyes. Dark lipsticks, waterproof eye makeup and even the fullest coverage foundation dissolve with ease. The other essential oils like orange and lemon uplift your senses and brighten your mood. It’s silky, luxe and easy to use.

How to Use our Cleansing Balm

Apply a light layer all over the face and remove with a washcloth and hot water. Once you remove it you will see a difference right away in how clean your skin appears. You may leave on and use as a treatment mask. Over time your skin just gets better and better. When removing eye makeup, close eye tightly and take care to remove makeup on one eye at a time.

Oils Are Your Friend

So many people have told me that they are terrified to use oils on their face! The truth is that oil cleansing has been used for centuries in other cultures & have origins as far back as ancient Egypt. Here’s a fun fact that no one ever mentions – theater and film actors have used them for decades to remove heavy layers of greasy makeup. That’s how effective they are. Plus, there’s something that feels natural about using oil based cleansers. Though it may seem counterintuitive, our skin produces oil so it understands it – kind of like an unspoken language. Cleansing and hydrating with oils helps your skin to produce less oil over time. Oily skin becomes less oily. Combination skin becomes more balanced. Normal skin feels soft and supple. Dry skin feels less parched. The right combination, like what we have in our cleansing balms provides balance, clarity and healing like no other cleanser can. They are that nourishing.

 Cleansing balm has the right combination of oils to balance and clarify skin.

For Sensitive Skin

Oh and delicate skin types will be glad to know that our sensitive cleansing balm contains very high amounts of vitamin A due to the extra virgin rosehip oil, red palm fruit oil and sea buckthorn. These ingredients in particular work wonders for all skin types. Additionally, they help to gently boost radiance, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, heal dryness, flakiness and sun damage. Think of it as a little extra tender loving care that delicate skin types need.


In case you’re curious about our ingredients, you will be happy to know that they are organic, nontoxic, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free, phthalate free, gluten free and are non gmo. They also contain no nano particles, no chemicals, no alcohol and no sulfates. All of our ingredients are sourced in the USA. To read the full list of what is not contained in our products, read here.

I often use the words cleansing balm and cleansing oil interchangeably. That’s because our incredibly nutritional balm turns into a light silky oil when it touches the skin. It gives you the ease of an oil, with the impact of a hard working balm. Our organic face wash will give you thorough cleansing that’s non-irritating, safe, soothing & effective. The overall result is skin that’s super clean, hydrated and pampered. You get it ALL in this one jar. You’ll love it so much you just might take it home to meet your parents and honestly dear, who could blame you?


Dina Altieri
Professional Makeup Artist & CEO
Hush + Dotti