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Cleansing Balms, Good All Year Round?

Cleansing Balms, Good All Year Round

To Balm Or Not To Balm. That Is The Question.

Cleansing Balms – You’ve got a friend…. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – yup you know it girl, you’ve got a true, loyal friend in balm cleanser! “Huh”, you ask? “why would I use oils and balms on my skin in the summer”? that goop is sure to work against me in the hot summer months………au contraire, my pretty.

What To Believe Nowadays

We live in a world where we are marketed to every second of every day, so it’s tough to believe that there are products that can work for you consistently throughout the seasons, but balm cleanser and face oils sure can. what heals your skin and saves you from dryness in the winter will heal your skin and save you in the harsh summer sun. sun drenched skin soaks up the oils and essential oils in a good quality balm cleanser and will thank you for the healing & soothing properties that they offer. same scoop for face oils.

Cleansing Balms. All Oils Are Not Created Equal

All oils are not created equal. I am not suggesting that you go and use cooking oils on your pretty face. You want a balm cleanser and face oil that is packed with non-comedogenic oils and essential oils that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. using our plant based balm cleanser and face oil over time will send the signal to your oil glands that “there is enough” and you will find that you will produce less surface oil and notice that your oily skin becomes more manageable even in the hot summer months.

Seasons Come And Seasons Go

So rest easy, there is no need to seasonally switch a routine that is working for you. true, you may need to tweak it from season to season and add a great toner (stay tuned for our precious flower toner that is currently in the works) or a richer/lighter eye cream or face cream, but your tried and true routine can be your true blue friend no matter what season you’re in.

Cleansing Balm For All Skin Types

Cleansing Balm

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Hydrating Serum

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Cleansing Balm

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