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Demystifying The Oil Based Skin Care Routine

Demystifying Oil

Oil Based Skin Care. When I mention to people that they use oils and oil based products to cleanse and care for their skin

I must admit that the look of shock is something that I have grown to expect and even somewhat enjoy. The fact is that oils and oil based products are amazing for all of your skincare needs. Using oils for your beauty regime can be a foreign concept to some people. Because of that, I thought I’d take a few moments to demystify the whole story about caring for your skin with oils.

First & Foremost – Oil Is Your friend 

Oil Based Skin Care
glowing, radiant skin that you don’t have to kill for

Secondly, All Oils Are Not Created Equal 

High quality carrier oils and essential oils can not only deeply clean the skin, they can nourish it at a level that common cleansing products cannot. We are a culture that believes in being clean & having lots of products to clean our bodies and our homes. We believe that soap and suds and lots of ’em is the only way to clean and be clean. It’s tough for us as a culture to grasp the concept that skin can get even cleaner without suds, chemicals and harsh soaps. It is even harder for us to grasp the concept that we can get cleaner with oil – heck it’s usually the one thing we are running from!

Oils, Oils And More Oils

The truth is that Shea Butter, Castor Oil and Olive Oil to name a few are wonderful surfactants. Surfactants are typically spoken of in conjunction with detergents. They are interesting because they have two aspects – one that attracts water, but then another that has the ability to break up dirt and oil. Because of these amazing surfactant qualities, oils have the same ability to cleanse just like lathering products do – if not better. Oils clean and hydrate without the skin feeling disrupted. Cleansing and hydrating with oils is incredibly gentle on the skin. Needless to say, they’re a no brainer for normal to dry skin types.

Oily Skin? Let Me Explain

Now, I know this may seem completely counter intuitive, but oily skin types benefit the most from cleansing & hydrating with oils. Without harshly stripping the skin to cleanse it, the oil glands do not get stimulated and therefore produce more oil. Cleansing and hydrating with high quality oils sends the message to the oil glands (that live below the surface of the facial skin) that “there is enough” and surprisingly they produce less oil.

I know, I know it sounds like crazy talk, but it is truly amazing and it really does work like magic. Cystic acne is a skin condition that is difficult to treat and upsetting to those that have it. It is characterized by having bacteria trapped at the root of the pore. By cleansing with an oil based cleanser, acne & cystic acne prone skins get the benefit of being deeply cleaned and calmed at the same time.

The partnership of calming and cleansing simultaneously is why Hush & Dotti has been so successful at clearing up acne. Cleansing deeply without stripping or irritating is where the magic lies in clearing up an upset complexion.

Oil Based Skin Care

See, I told you that oil is your friend! Using our products and embracing the oil cleansing method will make you just as passionate as we are about oils. Within a short time, you will see the radiance return to your complexion. The compliments you’ll receive on your glowing skin will absolutely astound and delight you.

Products Used To Achieve Glowing Skin

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