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Are your products Gender Neutral?

That’s an excellent question and one asked often. Our products are used by both Men and Women. We’ve even had Men tell us that the Balm Cleanser is excellent after a shave. It soothes that razor stubble. We’re hearing good things with our DreamDrops on beards as well.

Why the heck would I use oil to moisturize my skin?

Great question. Not all oils are created equal. For instance, all the oils we use are completely non-comedogenic. They will absorb quickly into the skin and leave your skin with a completely non-greasy feeling.

Do you recycle your Jars?

Excellent question. Our facility is not setup to do this right now. We may look to do this down the road, but for now we’re unable to. We encourage you to recycle or re-purpose these beautiful glass jars on your own. They make great change collectors and or DIY candle holders.

How can I reuse the packing peanuts you use to ship with?

As of May 1st, 2015 we no longer use Peanuts, but in some cases we might have to. If so then the simplest way to reuse the packing peanuts is in another package you need to ship. You can also donate them to the UPS Store or some other shipping store that will take them in. Not all UPS Stores take them. So find a location and call. Not sure where to go? Use the 24-hour automated Peanut Hotline at 800-828-2214 to find a retailer near you that will reuse them. We have tried numerous elements in shipping and unfortunately these bad boys get your orders to you the best. We are constantly looking for better solutions though.

We have switched to recycled shredded paper. If you google it you can find many ways to reuse it. Gift bags are a good idea.

Are your products safe for Children?

Absolutely. To use and…..and…..wait for it…..to eat. But you definitely are not going to like the taste if eaten. Ewwww, that would taste gross. Don’t eat that silly.

What is balm cleansing?

Balm cleansing has been a favorite way of cleansing the face for many years. It is very popular in Europe and Asia but is quickly taking America by storm. Skin that is deeply cleansed glows naturally and balm cleansing is the way to get your skin to glow without harmful chemicals.

Can I use the balm cleanser all year round?

Absolutely. Especially if you’re a fan of uber clean, glowing skin. Once you wrap your mind around how clean your skin will be from using natural essential oils to cleanse it, you will be thrilled. Great to use on Acne prone skin as well. We have seen tremendous results with acne and rosacea prone skin.

Do I need a separate eye makeup remover?

No. Our cleanser does an incredible job at removing even the most stubborn, waterproof eye makeup. We recommend placing a small amount of cleanser on your index finger. Close your eye tightly and gently stroke the cleanser on the eyelid in a downward motion. Repeat downward motion until all eye makeup dissolves. Remove completely with hot cloth.

What else can I use the HD balm cleanser for?

It also makes for an amazing facial mask. Some of our fans say it gives their skin an extra treat by leaving it on for awhile before hopping into a  hot shower or bath. We like to leave it on for at least one hour and then grab a cloth and take it off in the shower.

Is my personal information safe?

We strive to be as secure as humanly possible. We have taken all the necessary steps to protect your personal information from evil prying eyes. We encrypt your personal data with a 256 bit encryption certificate ( SSL Certificate ). The only information that is stored is your Name and Address in our database for marketing purposes and ease of shopping for you. We do not store any credit information on our website whatsoever. However, you can opt in to have Stripe keep your information for faster checkout service. We also constantly monitor our servers and run security scans for anything funky going on.

Are any of your products Kosher?

Unfortunately while our other products do NOT contain any animal by products, wheat, dairy or gluten they are NOT yet Kosher certified.

Can I return an item if I am not happy?

Please see our Returns and Exchanges section for the explanation of this question.

How soon will my order ship?

We answer this in depth on our shipping page. Please visit our shipping page.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship worldwide. Pretty much anywhere except for the moon and Mars.

I didn't receive a receipt with my order. How come?

As a green company we’re always looking for ways to cut out paper. So we’ve done away with receipts in your packed order. If you need a receipt you can now head on over to your account page by logging in and you’ll be able to print a receipt out there. Need help? Just let us know by emailing us or calling us.

What's the shelf life of your products?

A great question and one that is often asked. All of our products contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives. Our Skincare is made fresh pretty much daily now and has a shelf life is 6 to 9 months. Our Makeup is made once a week and has a shelf life of 12 to 14 months.

Do you offer a Pro Discount?

Yes, please see our HD Pro page for further information.

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