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Fighting Oil With Oil In The Summertime

Oil Cleansing is nothing to fear in the hot summer months. Oh baby it’s hot out there…..if you’re anything like me, you wait all year for the summer months when you look and feel your best. What that means for most of us is that we have that golden, healthy glow that only the sun can provide. When the sun touches your skin for the first time each season, your cheeks flush pink and your skin takes on a pretty golden glow just from walking around town.

But what happens a month or so into the season? It’s common to feel that even summer’s magic effect on our skin can wane. What to do? Always assess your skincare needs. Thinking that you need less moisturizer because it’s hot and humid is the biggest mistake you can make. As a matter of fact, topical dehydration on the surface of your skin from the sun is quite common. Make sure you are feeding your skin the precious hydration that it needs. The best way to get that hydration is from a face oil that will penetrate the layers of your skin more deeply that a common face lotion or cream can. Once the oil penetrates (which is usually in 2-5 minutes) you can apply your sunscreen and makeup.

From squinting at the sun, our eyes take a beating. We do not have oil glands under our eyes, therefore the delicate under eye skin will look dry from our bodies being internally and topically dehydrated in the hot summer months. Use a light eye balm that is packed with vitamins to smooth out all of that under eye dehydration and fine lines. Allow 2-5 minutes for it to penetrate and apply your concealer or sunglasses.

Oh and most importantly – don’t skip your skincare routine if you’re on the way to the beach. Your sunscreens may feel good to the touch, but they can’t take the place of what your vitamin packed skin care ritual can do. Apres beach is a good time to re-apply your skincare to ensure you’re replacing the vitamins and nourishment that your fun day in the sun just took from you.

Stay cool, stay hydrated and be good to your skin!