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How Important Is Your Skin?

How Important Is Your Skin

Everyone’s Talking About It

You know it, I know it, we live in a time and place where everyone’s talking about what they eat, why they eat it and when or when not to eat it. We wash, we scrub, we exercise, we drink water, we drink green shakes, we limit our caffeine, we drink more water, we co-wash our hair instead of shampooing everyday. Lots of info out there and lots of good stuff going on.

Organic Lipstick & Lip Gloss

And Then There Are Those That Aren’t

Except for one very important thing that no one is talking about. Yup, that’s right….your skin. The skin is the largest organ of our body. What we put on our skin gets absorbed in to our bloodstream and therefore needs to be filtered through our liver & kidneys.

Did you know that you can rub garlic on the sole of your foot and taste it almost instantly? That’s a quick and incredible example of how speedily and powerfully things get absorbed through our skin and into our bodies. All the more reason to read the labels on your beauty products as diligently as you read the label the food you’re about to ingest.

Do You Read Labels?

When was the last time you read a label on a beauty product? I’m suggesting you make it a happy habit on your road to optimal health and awareness. What you put on your skin does matter every bit as much as the food you eat.

Using beauty products that are free of chemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorings & other known allergens is critically important. So while you’re out there leading a healthy lifestyle be sure to add clean, clear, high quality beauty products to your routine.

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