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How To Care For You Skin

How To Care For You Skin. A Clear Guide To Clearer Skin | Hush + Dotti

Caring For Your Skin – Skin, skin, skin! In all of my years of doing makeup, I can tell you that there is nothing more upsetting to a client than to have problem skin that they can’t find a cure for. Makeup can cover it and soften the redness that accompanies acne prone skin, but it won’t make it smooth.

Most often acne comes from a hormonal imbalance or it’s hereditary. As with most things, stress can make it worse. The toughest type of acne issue to solve is cystic acne. Cystic acne is actually an infection deep in the pores of the skin creating a red, often tender bump. This is different than the average blemish. Cystic acne can affect your face, back, chest and arms. Often doctors will prescribe oral antibiotics, birth control pills and prescription creams that are high in vitamin a.

The most interesting thing that often goes ignored is that skin that is disrupted by cystic acne and acne in general is truly sensitive. Sometimes these harsh treatments can even make it worse. These medications can lead to clearer skin, but topically leave it super dehydrated. It’s exactly this sensitivity that needs to be included in treatment. Acne prone skin needs to be calmed while it’s being cleaned. Deeply cleaning the skin without irritating and stripping becomes the key to the cure.

Caring For Your Skin

Caring For Your Skin. It Never Gets Old.

For ages, oil based facial cleansing methods have been a popular method of cleansing in both Asia and Europe. It’s slower to catch on here in the States because we are a culture that is obsessed with soap and suds and cleaning and scrubbing.

Washing the face with an oil based cleanser is fabulous for all skin types. The oils will deeply clean the skin without stripping it in the slightest. Oily skin will become less oily because the oil glands get the message that there is enough oil on the surface and they will not be stimulated to produce more oil.

Dry skin feels more comforted.  This oil cleansing method is especially beneficial for acne prone skin because cleansing without stripping or disrupting it is the key to keeping it calm on the surface. It’s the combination of calming and deeply cleansing the skin that gets to the root of curing even the worst cystic acne.

Cystic acne needs to be cleaned deep into the pore to stop the bacteria from forming. The best way to deliver a deep clean is through cleansing with oils. My prescription is to cleanse and moisturize with high quality oil based products twice a day.

That should be supplemented with using a peel pad 2-3x a week. Peel pads are soaked in a glycolic, salicylic or lactic acid mixture and will help to clean and exfoliate the skin without excessive rubbing on the surface of the skin. I can’t tell you how many faces I’ve cleared up with this simple combination of products.

It’s a simple equation – calm + clean = clear!