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How To Do Brows…Properly

How now brow wow. We get silly around here sometimes, but we always remain serious about being beautiful. our pursuit of beauty and teaching the art of makeup in a comprehensive way is something we are passionate about.One thing we can’t talk enough about is brows. you can have the world’s best skincare, makeup & brushes and if you don’t have a properly groomed brow you will always look undone. Oh how to get the best brow? First of all, be realistic. It’s tough to attempt doing your own brows. we always suggest seeking out a professional in your area. Ask around and get recommendations from people that have great looking brows. Few people realize that the two halves of the face are not the same and trying to get each brow even and balanced with the other brow takes skill, patience, practice and true artistry. That’s why we always suggest leaving it to a skilled brow artist.

Here are some tried and true guidelines to help you get the perfect brow that suits your face and features.

  1. line up the inner corner of the eye with the beginning of your brow
  2. line up the inner corner of your eye with the arch
  3. line up the outer corner of your eye with the end of your brow

These are your guidelines for shaping the perfect brow.

Brow Grooming. Step by Step Tutorial on How To.


The tools you’ll need on hand are:

Good quality slanted or pointed tweezers, you decide which ones work best for you small scissors spoolie or a brow brush brow pencil or powder in the color that’s right for you – I always suggest that blondes use the same color as their lowlights and that brunettes use the same color as their highlights. this rule of thumb gives enough color to a pale brow and ensures that a darker brow doesn’t get too dark like Eddie Munster’s.

Brush brows up and trim the excess hair, start tweezing from underneath – go slowly, take a little from each brow to ensure that you are creating two even brows. always strive to create a great a arch as that lifts the eye and gives you that refreshed look. most importantly don’t try to get a perfect brow right out of the gate. often times, you must work on your brows as if you were executing a fine painting – you’re not going to become Picasso with your first attempt.