Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders Of $65+
Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders Of $65+

who we are

We are an all American husband + wife team and for starters, we are folks just like you. We laugh, we cry and we certainly have our moments when we look up at the sky and wonder why. Yet, our mission is simple – to change the world one clean beauty product at a time. So when we say because girl, you’re too pretty to poison, it comes from a place of deep truth. We are also free spirited creatives who infuse our brand with lots of fun. You’ll see that peak through in everything we do for we believe laughter connects us all. We mesh Hush’s California sunshine & customer centric philosophies with my gritty New York City pro artistry, education and experiences. Together, we make the finest nontoxic skin care and makeup available anywhere.

As a professional makeup artist for over two decades, I saw the need for clean beauty happening first hand. Clients were asking about the ingredients used in each product and why. It was only after doing my own research that I learned the reason behind all of their questions. There was nothing pretty about it. Finding out about the harsh chemicals used in all traditional beauty products created a burning passion within me. I became obsessed with using only the best nontoxic products, both personally and professionally. After discovering that there were no safe “pro quality” products available on the market, the lightbulb went off and Hush + Dotti was born.

the brand

We offer a complete range of both skin care and makeup. All of our ingredients are devoid of harsh toxins and derived from Mother Nature herself. In addition, our products are organic, vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, phthalate free and gluten free to name a few. We list “love” as our first ingredient because we really mean it. It’s not a sweet little marketing term for us. Our products are made with food grade ingredients in small batches by people who believe in giving you their best. Your phone calls & emails are answered timely and with respect. Your orders are processed by human hands who care that your order gets handled as perfectly as possible.

Our packaging is simple and minimal, so we can keep our ingredient lists jam packed with goodness. All packaging, print materials, tissue, cards, and containers are from recyclable materials. Our ingredients are all ethically sourced. We are proud to source, create and manufacture all of our products right here in the USA.


We are certified by both Peta & Leaping Bunny as a cruelty-free & vegan brand.

about dina

As a little girl, I dragged around my big Barbie head everywhere so I could apply and reapply her makeup countless times. Without a doubt, it was written in the stars that I become a makeup artist. Forever painting & drawing, I eventually obtained a degree in fine art. It wasn’t until I found my path as a makeup artist, that I truly understood how my love of art could become my career. As fate would have it, one of my first jobs as a makeup artist was for a then budding beauty brand named Bobbi Brown. Witnessing a female entrepreneur hone & craft her brand into a global success would be another experience that was written in the stars. As a native New Yorker, I have been blessed to work with many preeminent brands. In addition to working with Bobbi Brown, I have also worked with Chanel and Laura Mercier. Each educated me in sales, artistry, luxury and most importantly how to deliver a highly positive customer experience.

about stef

The best thing to happen to this overworked, over scheduled NYC girl was to grow up and marry a surfer. Not only is he the love of my life, he has joined me in my mission for creating a clean beauty brand that is like none other. Known around here as “Hush”, he is a gregarious and multifaceted genius. A former fashion executive (Nordstrom & Stüssy) and a restaurateur from Laguna Beach, California. He is the ultimate ‘King of Operations’. Our entire business flows smoothly because of him. His talents, entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision have given Hush + Dotti life, character, strength and a voice of her own.

about our name

Even though Hush + Dotti is my life’s dream, it was important to me NOT to name the company after myself. Our name is symbolic of the humor, creativity and love that has surrounded me my entire life. It also nods to our incredible team, without whom there would be no dream. Our company is so much more than just me and my creative vision. It goes deeper than just beauty. Hush + Dotti is a clean, green, cruelty-free way of life. Mind, body, soul and earth. It is a celebration of the positive links that connect us all. For these reasons and many more, it only made sense to me that it be named for the two people who most epitomize unconditional love and support – my mom and my husband.

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