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Covid-19 Update: As of 5.22.20 We are experiencing delays of 3 to 4 days on all domestic orders. All international orders can expect an additional 5 to 8 days on top of their regular shipping times.
Covid-19 Update: As of 5.22.20 We are experiencing delays of 3 to 4 days on all domestic orders. All international orders can expect an additional 5 to 8 days on top of their regular shipping times.
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What Kind Of A Makeup Wearer Are You?

What Kind Of A Makeup Wearer Are You?
We love it, we worship it and we adore it, but the stone cold truth is, is that makeup scares the crap out of most people. However, once we walk through that fear and master a beauty routine that really works, we feel like makeup is our bestest, bestest best friend ever. It can be said that the desire to feel beautiful is intrinsic to who we are historically as women. So much so that it’s practically a tale as old as time itself. Cleopatra lined her eyes in black kohl to create drama and allure. Guinevere powdered her hair with saffron to hide the grays to stay young and beautiful in the eyes of Lancelot.

Are You A Bette Or A Marilyn?

Bette Davis made red lipstick and bold eyebrows her trademark power statement. Marilyn Monroe brought sexy to life with her flawless skin & hypnotic jet lined eyes. Twiggy made doe eyes a thing to have, adore and be. More recently, Caitlyn Jenner has taught us makeup’s transformative powers in assisting one to be their true self. As a beauty addict from birth I can go on and on and on. Makeup provides us with the one thing we want most, but rarely take the time to realize. That thing is to feel beautiful. What being beautiful means to each of us will be different. For some, being beautiful is not tied to wearing makeup. It may be something cultivated through education, world travel, professional success, a certain way of dressing or the perfect hairstyle. To me the definition of what can make us feel beautiful is rather infinite.

What Gets You Going?

There is a ritual attached to our beauty routines that can make us feel fresh, grounded, whole and ready for the day. Undoubtedly when we look good, we feel good. The way you smile at yourself when you pass a mirror can propel you forward with confidence, grace and self- empowerment. I have been a makeup artist for more than half of my life. From experience I can tell you that what women see when they look in the mirror is a subject that I will be devoting an entire book to someday. I have seen full grown, successful, educated and powerful women look at themselves in the mirror, stick their tongue out and utter an audible BLECK.

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

It’s an understatement to say that we women can be highly self critical. I believe it’s the driving force behind the quest to feel beautiful. We are tough, really tough on ourselves. We apply makeup every day to put forth the face we want the world to see. Absolutely every woman I have ever touched with a makeup brush has a very specific person she wants looking back at her. They may not be able to put it into exact words, but they know who and what they want to see in the looking glass. For some it’s a red lip or an elongated wing to their black eyeliner and for others it’s flawless skin. The list goes on and on and is as individual as the women herself. So now the mirror turns toward you. What kind of makeup wearer are you? Over the years, I have simplified it to a few general types. Knowing your type will help define your needs.

Which One Are You?

The makeup novice

They’re interested in makeup, but it intimidates them or makes them uncomfortable. You’ve talked about it, heard about and are interested in it. Overall, you know very little about applying makeup and have worn little to no makeup in your lifetime. You are an open book in terms of learning.

The makeup wearer

Has a general knowledge of makeup and skincare. You wear makeup daily and are comfortable with your makeup and skincare routine. You have both a daytime and a nighttime look that you enjoy. You are informed, but do not consider yourself an expert. You are open to new ideas, love the thought of a new look from time to time but do not require new products on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You are informed, but open in terms of learning.

The makeup junkie

read the top makeup blogs regularly, you watch Youtube videos and know the top vloggers by name. You frequent makeup counters and your local Sephora. You own good quality makeup products and brushes, you use makeup daily and are very comfortable wearing makeup. You are an informed customer who knows what they like and are open to new ideas. You appreciate beauty products, enjoy using them and overall possess a lot of knowledge. You are open to new products, new looks and new ideas.

The makeup hoarder

Shares similar aspects to the makeup junkie, but they tend to buy and stash makeup more than actually wearing it. You are comfortable shopping for beauty products and can easily list the products you own, instead of all that you enjoy using. You may share the same fears about makeup as the makeup novice. You are an informed customer that needs help focusing on how to evolve your love of beauty products into a daily routine that will make you look and feel wonderful. You are only as open minded about learning & assistance with a daily routine as you choose to be. That aspect will vary from one makeup hoarder to another.

The makeup know it all

This person has similar aspects to the makeup junkie and the makeup hoarder. What defines you as a makeup know it all is that there is nothing you can be shown or told that you haven’t see or heard before. You have a friend for everything and that “friend” is the font of all knowledge, answers and information to every question since the dawn of the beauty industry. You’re not open minded about assistance with your beauty needs. While you may frequent the makeup counters as much as the makeup junkie and makeup hoarder, what defines you is your attitude. Despite your need to shop for beauty products, you feel you do not require anything in the way of beauty advice. Your silent message indicates that Coco Chanel herself would have to rise from the dead before you would believe or accept assistance with your beauty needs. For those reasons, you are not open in terms of learning.

ask for the best because that’s what you deserve

Now that I’ve hard boiled it down to these 5 makeup types, which kind of makeup wearer are you? Give it some thought and it will help you to know yourself and most importantly define your needs. When you go to your friendly neighborhood makeup counter you can now seek the targeted kind of assistance which will help you to be your best you. I say it all of the time – you only have one face & one body, be good to it. As always, I encourage everyone to seek high quality, non-toxic products for your makeup and skincare needs. Apply them with cruelty free brushes. Recently, I read a quote from Dave Grohl that said “no one is you and that is your power”. Kaboom – it’s succinct, to the point and really impressed me to share with you. There is only one you. Ask for the best because that’s what you deserve. Nourish your life with good food, good people, good energy, good music, good art, good fragrance and of course good quality all natural beauty products! dina-signature