Our Mission

We aim to create awareness as to what ingredients are contained in mainstream beauty products. Our intention is to illustrate why there is no need for products containing harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or toxins. With this, our goal is to inform everyone who will listen that in choosing natural, chemical free options for your beauty products you are not sacrificing efficacy, luxury or glamour one tiny bit.


Our mission is to change the world one beauty product at a time. No, seriously – we mean it.


As professional makeup artists, educating clients about how to achieve great skin has always been a passion. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times – “makeup only looks as good as the skin it’s on”. Makeup and skincare are best friends and the two absolutely do go hand in hand. Together they assist you in creating the version of yourself that you wish to show when you go out into the world everyday.

Makeup or no makeup, if your skin is looking great you’ll ultimately feel fabulous. We’ve all hidden behind a layer of foundation when our skin is broken out, so we know all too well how self conscious that can make one feel.

With our vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic skincare driven by the power of essential oils and vitamin packed carrier oils, we are making clear skin dreams come true all over the world. Our makeup line is the perfect compliment to your clear and glowing skin. It too, is cruelty free and devoid of harsh chemicals.

We provide you with beauty care essentials that you can be proud to wear.