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Preparing Your Skin For Winter

Hush + Dotti CEO Dina Altieri posing for a photo.

Sure, we’re in a heatwave right now. Sweating everyday in this humidity. However, winter’s inevitable. Here’s what you can do to prepare your skin for the big chill. My inbox (and even our office phone) get flooded with messages from customers, fans and even friends asking me, “what to do to to manage their freaking glow of yours?”

First, I layer. Really. I layer, layer and one more layer. Why? Because it’s freezing out there, and just as you layer up on your clothing, you need to layer up on your moisturizers. I always recommend switching your cleansing or face wash routine seasonally. There’s no better time then late Summer into Fall to prepare your skin for the freezing cold that cometh. Heck, winter’s the perfect time to layer and lather up with products that may be too hydrating for you in other seasons.

Most products that are on the market today are non-comedogenic, so so the risk of breaking out from a richer product is minimal. With saying that, I do encourage you – AS ALWAYS – to read your labels, to make sure there is nothing in a richer product, as in any product or food you eat, that will irritate you skin or body.

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Everyone says it (and it sounds so repetitive and cliche), but please remember to drink lots and lots of water even in the winter months. Our heat is turned up, the air is drier and our bodies and skin are searching for hydration. Always keep your water intake as high in the winter as it is in the summer.

We always say skincare is everything, and the winter months are no different. In the summer months, the extra humidity helps us all to look and feel better, so in the winter months we must be mindful to replace what isn’t available in the environment. Here are a few must haves that will help:

Add an eye balm to your routine. Balms always deliver more. Balms are a somewhat richer formula, but not heavy and thick. A good quality balm will be readily absorbed and can penetrate to deeper layers of the skin.

In addition, it’s also a great time of year to add a serum or face oil under your regular moisturizer. This goes back to the layering thing we were saying earlier.
Most people forget to exfoliate as rigorously in the winter months because of the effects of the cold on their faces, but still remember to exfoliate regularly.

Preparing Your Skin For Winter

These steps will take you from lackluster skin to glowing skin.

Dina Altieri – CEO