• Exfoliating Grains – “Sugah Sand”

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    Let’s face it, nobody likes a dirty pore. Thankfully, velvety smooth clean skin is just a click away. Bamboo powder & Moroccan Orange peel are combined to create the most delightful exfoliating experience. These gentle grains allow you to control the amount of exfoliation that’s right for you. Excellent for all skin types.

    • Pro Tip

      There’s no way for your makeup to look super smooth like your favorite model or celeb’s without committing to a great skin care routine. That routine MUST include regular exfoliation. Our skin is a living breathing thing. These grains combined with our cleansing balms makes for an excellent exfoliating scrub.

      As part of its process, dead skin cells need to be gently scrubbed away. After exfoliation the fresh skin underneath has a chance to be seen, which is why the skin looks so pretty & rosy afterwards. This product is fabulous & will never leave you feeling like you over did it because you are in control. Sprinkle the amount of grains you need directly into your balm cleanser. Mix & apply to your skin in circular motions.

      Remove with hot water and a wash cloth. Depending on your skin type you may want to use this 2-3 times a week. Also great for rough skin on elbows & knees. Excellent for sloughing away imperfections on the chest, neck, back or shoulders. Always follow with Dream Drops hydrating serum.

      Please do not cross contaminate with traditional brands when you are using nontoxic products as you will not obtain optimal results from these pure ingredients.

      Questions? Ask Dina wecare@hushdotti.com

    • Ingredients

      love, bamboo powder, dried moroccan orange peel.

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      Weight 3 oz
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      Weight: 1oz | 29ml

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      4 reviews for Exfoliating Grains – “Sugah Sand”

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      1. Lexi C. verified buyer

        Sugah Sand has quickly become an essential in my skincare regimen. I love that I can adjust the level of exfoliation by adding as much (or as little) as I like to my cleansing balm.

      2. Melinda S. verified buyer

        Didn’t use as I can’t use the sensitive balm. Unfortunately I took the wrapping off the bottle before I realized this. Would return if I could.

      3. Erika D. verified buyer

        Love the sugah and sand so much! You should provide it in the larger size, the same size as the cleansers. I go through it really quickly!

      4. Jill D. verified buyer

        Love this product! Perfect to exfoliate a little or a lot!

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