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    This botanical wonder balm is amazing at hydrating and soothing the skin around your eyes. Packed with potent vitamin enriched oils like arnica, cucumber and black cumin that address dryness, puffinessdark circles and fine lines. Great for all skin types.

    • Pro Tip

      Eye Balm Organic

      Pro Tip: This eye balm is excellent when used in combination with our hydrating serum Dream Drops. Use both after washing with our cleansing balm twice daily.

      Most people can be sensitive to the area around their eyes in some way. That’s why I formulated this balm to give you a healthy dose of soothing hydration. The nourishing ingredients will make your eye area look so healthy and fresh. A quick and easy sweep of this balm directly from the tube ensures that the delicate skin under your eyes is getting hydration & a boost of vitamin A, C & E. This eye balm also has argan, carrot seed & lavender, just to name a few of the numerous herbal heroes contained in this formula. You will not find better ingredients anywhere.

      After swiping, you can blend the eye balm as needed. A little goes a very long way. It will easily be absorbed, so if you opt to use a concealer on top your eyes will be prepped and ready to go. When applying any and all makeup, it’s key to never use products that are either too dense, heavy or rich otherwise your makeup will not last. Try our Organic Concealer for the perfect amount of coverage.

      Additionally this multi tasks as an excellent dry cuticle treatment. Please do not cross contaminate with traditional brands when you are using nontoxic products. You will not obtain optimal results from these pure ingredients. Always take care to read the ingredients lists prior to using any new skin care products.

      Questions? Ask Dina wecare@hushdotti.com

    • Ingredients

      love, pure unrefined fair trade organic african shea butter, candlelilla wax, olive squalene, black cumin seed oil, rosehip oil, green tea oil, pumpkin seed oil, rice bran oil, argan oil, 100% pure cold pressed castor oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil and the essential oils of – carrot seed, cucumber, german chamomile, perilla seed, arnica, lavender, meadow foam seed, sea buckthorn, camellia seed, sweet orange, bergamot, vitamin e, and angelica root.

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      Weight: 0.67oz | 19ml

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      1. Jessica G. verified buyer

        Yes, it does have a strong smell BUT I love the idea of having an eye cream in a stick, and this being all natural is the icing on the cake! Since you use it directly from the stick there is no wasted product and a little goes a very long way!

      2. Meighan M. verified buyer

        My eyes seem to be sensitive to all products, tearing up the minute anything gets near them so I was skeptical when buying this.

        I am so glad I did!!! Not only do I have no tearing or negative reactions at all it feels soooooo soothing on my skin!!

        I’ve been using it for about a month and my eyes are noticeably brighter and smoother… and younger looking!! I even cheat and use this around my lip area, jawline and forehead. Basically I put it all over my face – if it works that well on the skin around my eyes why wouldn’t I??

        So please… have no reservations about this eye balm – it is simply the best 🙂

      3. Maria M. verified buyer

        This is probably the best eye balm I’ve ever used. The scent is strong, my boyfriend likes to joke that I smell like oregano, but that doesn’t stop him from using it! He finds it relaxing. After a week of nightly use, I found the dark circles and puffiness gone. My face also looks younger. Definitely a new staple.

      4. Lynda P. verified buyer

        The crows feet that used to be so obvious by the end of the day have flown the coop… and I do not miss them!

      5. Jodie P. verified buyer

        Great product but leaves my skin very oily

      6. Cheryl F. verified buyer

        It quickly became a staple in my skincare regimen.

      7. Holly A. verified buyer

        I love using the eyebalm and dream drops under my makeup and to nourish my skin and heal it from any acne. I also love using the skincare as a lash and brow conditioner .

      8. Celest S. verified buyer

        Love the eye balm. It is soothing.

      9. Patricia W. verified buyer

        Really like it.

      10. Laura C. verified buyer

        This is a must! After applying a thin layer of this amazing eye balm, the delicate skin under my eyes looks instantly smoother and brighter. I cannot imagine not having this in my skincare collection. Thank you Hush + Dotti!

      11. Maria P. verified buyer

        This feels great when I put it on! I’ve been using it on my lips and eyelids, too!

      12. Eileen S. verified buyer

        This eye balm is a perfect part of my nightly cleansing and hydration routine! It is so easy to apply and simply keeps the eye area (and lips!) so well moisturized while you sleep!! It travels well too and I have one permanently stored in my weekend / vacation bag! Bon Voyage

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