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    Commitments are hard. We feel you. That’s why our skincare sample set is the perfect way to get to know us. It allows you to experience our wonderful skin care collection before making the decision to take this relationship to the next level.

    • Pro Tip

      Skincare Sample Set – Using skincare that is rich in essential oils is such a game changing experience for the skin! Knowing where to start with an oil based skin care routine can leave a lot of people confused. So why not start by trying smaller sizes? A set like this is perfect for experiencing each product before committing to the full sized item.

      Note: This skincare sample set is not intended to cure any skin issues. This is a great way to try before you buy and see if it’s a good fit for you.

      Video showing how to use these products will be Coming Soon. For now these are as follows: the containers labeled CB are the two cleansing balms. The off-white one is our Original OG and the orange CB is the Sensitive formula. The jar labeled EB is our Eye Balm. Lastly, the two vials are our hydrating serum Dream Drops and our exfoliating grains Sugah Sand.

      You’ll definitely get a feel for our skincare collection by using this product and you’ll know if we’re a good fit for you. For a good test try not to introduce or include any other skincare (from any other brand) product into the equation. This will help during the testing period.

      Please refer to your doctor first if you are unsure of any of these ingredients.

      As always, if you need assistance I’m always available by email.

      Questions? Ask Dina wecare@hushdotti.com

    • Ingredients

      Original Balm Cleaner

      love, 100% pure cold pressed castor oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, pure unrefined organic fair trade african shea butter, candelilla wax, the essential oils of – eucalyptus, clove bud, rosemary, german (blue) chamomile, carrot seed, hops, lavender, sweet orange, lemon, angelica root and vitamin e.

      Sensitive Balm Cleaner

      love, extra virgin rosehip oil, rice bran oil, 100% pure cold pressed castor oil, pure unrefined organic fair trade african shea butter, candelilla wax, organic extra virgin olive oil, red palm fruit oil (the orangey color), avocado oil, the essential oils of – german (blue) chamomile, helichrysum, lavender, cucumber, carrot seed, clove bud, rosemary, sea buckthorn, meadowfoam seed, vitamin e and angelica root.

      Dream Drops

      love, olive squalene, camellia oil, extra virgin rosehip oil, rice bran oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, sunflower oil, carrot seed oil, pomegranate oil, perilla seed oil, black cumin oil, meadowfoam seed oil, arnica oil, lavender essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, bergamot essential oil, sea buckthorn oil and angelica root essential oil.

      Eye Balm

      love, pure unrefined fair trade organic african shea butter, candelilla wax, olive squalene, black cumin seed oil, rosehip oil, green tea oil, pumpkin seed oil, rice bran oil, argan oil, 100% pure cold pressed castor oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil and the essential oils of – carrot seed, cucumber, german chamomile, perilla seed, arnica, lavender, meadow foam seed, sea buckthorn, camellia seed, sweet orange, bergamot, vitamin e, and angelica root.

      Sugah Sand

      love, bamboo powder, dried moroccan orange peel.

      What We're Not Made Of

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      Weight 6 oz
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      Weight: Jars - 0.17 | 5g - Vials - 0.06oz | 2ml

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      1. Preeti B. verified buyer

        This is my first “brush” with Hush and Dotti. I am 40 and a scientist so I know about skincare and chemicals. I was very skeptical when i looked at the products (there is tons out there), hence the sampler set was a perfect risque taker. I am fascinated by all the products in the kit however i do have a preference list. Best: Dream drops, i think this in itself is complete skincare. Better: eye balm, soothing and rich. Good: sensitive cleansing balm followed by regular cleansing balm. Not a fan: sugah sand, too rough for my skin. I used it for my neck and body.
        Overall, a really good kit for sampling. I am a happy customer and will come back for more. Love the smell!!!

      2. Anna B. verified buyer

        You get quite a lot of product! So you get to see not only what one use of x gives you, but how your skin likes it over some time 🙂 I loved it.

        I used the sensitive cleanser for the first time last night, particularly I wanted to see how it would react with mascara. I didn’t expect it to remove it, esp. since I usually struggle a little taking it off. Well, idk what to tell you. It worked like a charm. Like it was made for this. My normal makeup remover can’t hold a candle to this stuff; not even close. And I used the sensitive one! I have to say though, the smell isn’t for me. It smells like my grandma’s ancient beauty supplies. But it works, and it works well, and my skin becomes so so soft.

        The dream drops are also lovely, once again I couldn’t believe how soft my skin became (I kept touching it to make sure), and they’re absorbed pleasantly fast.

      3. Lakeisha W. verified buyer

        I’ve tried only the scrub and serum. I like the serum so far, but the scrub seems to be very abrasive for the skin.

      4. Jolie M. verified buyer

        I like the eye balm and sugah sand a lot. The cleansers had a bit of a strong scent, even the sensitive one, and I didn’t feel they took off my sunscreen and/or makeup as easy as I’d like, though sometimes it takes me a while to get used to a new product. Neutral about the tear drops so far, but overall I think these are good products that are worth a try.

      5. Lexi C. verified buyer

        I tried this sample kit myself and fell in love with every product in it. I’ve been searching for a product line that matches my lifestyle – organic and simply clean. This kit kickstarted my love for this company and their products.

      6. Shelley H. verified buyer

        I was so sure that the regular cleansing balm would work fine for me but I ordered this little kit to make sure. Sure enough, the sensitive balm turned out to be a better option for me. I also realized I might never have tried the Dream Drops but am planning to order soon. The Eye Balm too was not on my list but I love it. Haven’t had occasion to try the Sugah Sand so can’t speak to that yet. Several folks have commented on the scents of the various products. I happen to love them all. This little kit is the way to go if you’re uncertain about anything!

      7. Lisa F. verified buyer

        I loved how hydrating everything made my skin feel.

      8. Lisa P. verified buyer

        This sample kit was amazing. A generous amount of product in each sample. Loving the eye cream and dream drops

      9. Diana C. verified buyer

        It’s a good deal if you just want to test each product.

      10. Randee F. verified buyer

        Good sample size got to try it out for a few days and like it .still dont know if it will work with as dry as my skin is .

      11. Kristen R. verified buyer

        Smells great!

      12. Erin S. verified buyer

        Once I got the hang of the scrub, I was fine 🙂

      13. Kristina G. verified buyer

        will definitely be buying these products in full size. love them!

      14. Celest S. verified buyer

        The scent is powerful initially. I was concerned as I am quite sensitive. However it did not affect me, it also dissipates quickly. It has really helped my sensitive skin! Very happy so far:)

      15. Lynsey L. verified buyer

        Loved the products- my only complaint is the serum bottle was hard to open and it shattered only after I got to sample it once 🙁 bummer as I really liked it the one time I tried it

      16. Kelsey G. verified buyer

        Oil vial is TINY (everything is tiny) but overall I’ve enjoyed using the samples.

      17. Ellen H. verified buyer


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