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My Morning Beauty Routine

How New York Changed My Morning Beauty Routine


I’ve prided myself on having nearly problem-free skin since my teens. This wasn’t due to expensive products or a carefully planned beauty routine, either — honestly, I took the opposite approach.

Safe & Clean Makeup

Despite spending my early 20s in the Australian seaside town of Bondi Beach, where bare-faced beauty reigned supreme, I was the girl who didn’t leave the house without makeup on. As an online fashion and beauty editor, rarely a day would go by that I wasn’t gifted new makeup to test out.

Organic Foundation & Mascara

This was a time when I liked my mascara thick, my foundation full-coverage, and my skin marinated in self-tanner. I felt like I’d been gifted a free pass. I could put whatever I wanted on my face without much consequence. However, all that changed when I moved to New York City.

by Jasmine Garnsworthy – Refinery 29

Refinery 29

My Morning Beauty Routine

I opted to keep my eyes naked save for a subtle swish of vegan Hush + Dotti mascara

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A Change Of Routine

Fortunately, my career as an editor allowed me to make my quest for better skin part of my day job. New York’s beauty scene is a few steps ahead of Australia’s, and around this time all the buzziest brands were “going clean.”

I was plunged into the progressive world of natural, organic products. Sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free — the city’s most hyped beauty launches centered around what wasn’t in a product rather than what was in it.

Research A Little Before Making The Plunge

As I researched and filled my days writing about natural beauty trends, I found myself questioning my own stash of chemical-laden cosmetics and began ditching my long-time essentials in favor of purer alternatives.

My morning beauty routine transformed as I swapped my color-popping lipsticks for 100% natural nude shades by Lük Beautifood, traded my heavy foundation for a bareMinerals tinted moisturizer, and opted to keep my eyes naked save for a subtle swish of vegan Hush + Dotti mascara.