Dream Drops


Our hydrating serum has reached rockstar status! Dream Drops has a huge fan following of its own. Celebrities and pro makeup artists have nicknamed it “Liquid Gold”. It is high in vitamins A, C and E. The essential oils nourish and protect the skin from environmental damage. Olive squalene and rosehip oil restore the youthful flush to every complexion. The simple & clean ingredients lift your senses with its naturally refreshing scent. There is no better path to a radiant complexion than to hydrate regularly with this vitamin packed cocktail. It plumps and hydrates so well there is no need for an additional makeup primer. Zero toxins. Proudly created and manufactured in the USA.

Net Weight
2 oz / 59ml

Allure Magazine

Pressing two drops of this amber-colored serum into my skin felt soothing and made it look glow-y in about six seconds. The strong herbal scent seems distinctly old-school somehow, like how I’d imagine one of Cleopatra’s beauty tonics to smell.

Anne Bauso, – Allure Magazine

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love, olive squalane, camellia oil, extra virgin rosehip oil, rice bran oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil, sunflower oil, carrot seed oil, pomegranate oil, perilla seed oil, black cumin oil, meadowfoam seed oil, arnica oil, lavender essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, bergamot essential oil, sea buckthorn oil and angelica root essential oil.

Place a dime sized amount in your palm. Press palms together and distribute Dream Drops into your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose by pressing gently. A little goes a long way. Keep pressing until evenly blended. Take care to use on the neck and décolleté areas as they need love too. For amazing hydration on the body, try our Halo Body Balm.

When using our skincare routine, please take care not to combine them with other products. Doing so may hinder the results you see in clarifying & detoxifying your skin.


Hydrating Serum Dream Drops

Glowing skin. It’s the first thing every client asks for. Everyone wants it. Everyone is stumped on how to get it. The only way to get healthy, naturally glowing skin is to use the right products. You need skin care that can clean, hydrate and exfoliate without harsh toxins. Mother Nature does indeed know best. By using plant based products packed with hardworking essential oils the difference can be seen immediately. Glowing skin is yours with a healthy, clean beauty routine. With our Dream Drops hydrating serum, you will see a more radiant complexion. Skin looks plump, healthy and bright.

What’s In Your Face Moisturizer?

Simple ingredients are best. They nourish your skin, so there is no need to overdo it. A little goes a long way with our products. For outstanding hydration on the body, try our Halo Body Balm. It leaves your skin velvety soft with an intoxicating clean scent. The quality of our ingredients speak for themselves. You will see it reflected in your smooth and radiant complexion.

In addition, all of our products are carefully curated in small batches. They are completely devoid of toxic chemicals. Our pro quality formulas can stand up to the harsh lights of photography, film & video. They are flexible enough to give you a soft and natural look for every day wear. Furthermore, we source the finest organic, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, paraben free & phthalate free ingredients. This ensures that your body does not have to suffer in the name of beauty. PETA certified. For a full list of what we do not use in our products, click here.