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Springtime Tips To Getting Your Glow On

Springtime Tips To Getting Your Glow On

Glowing Skin – Springtime tips to getting the glow & luminosity back into your dull winter ravaged skin. Oh there’s no doubt about it – this winter was looooong. Too long.  The good news is that the days are getting lighter and brighter and soon it will be time to start showing a little more skin than you might want to think about right now. Well, have no fear – we are here to give you some great tips on getting that healthy glow back into your skin. With a little bit of good skincare and a little bit of good makeup, we’ll have you back to beautiful in no time.

Springtime Tips To Getting Your Glow On

Oh Winter, How I Despise Thee

Winter does dry out the skin like no other season, but cleansing and hydrating properly is the best way to fight that dull dryness on a regular basis. Nothing brings the skin back to life like regular cleansing with a balm cleanser. One that’s rich in nourishing essential oils. Follow that up with a hydrating face serum and you will instantly see the flush come back in to your cheeks.

The Benefits Of Exfoliating

In addition, rev up your circulation with a good exfoliator. I love sprinkling exfoliating grains in to my balm cleanser, but if that’s too intense for you then use a washcloth in a circular motion. That alone will gently buff off the top layer of dead skin off. Personally, my favorite product to add to my cleansing routine is a glycolic or salicylic acid peel pad. Swipe it over your face, feel it tingle and you’ll see the vibrancy instantly come back into your face.

Our Skin Changes With The Seasons

Our skin changes seasonally, so our makeup must change seasonally, as well. Always seek professional advice in selecting a foundation formula and color that’s right for you. What works for you in the summer will not likely work for you in the winter, so switching up your makeup routine will always keep your skin looking fresh.

Did Somebody Say Bronzer?

The best addition to anyone’s regular makeup routine is a bronzer. Adding well placed bronzer in the right color will warm up your skin and set the stage for a fresh pop of color in your cheeks. Your blush should be placed right under your eye in the front or apple of your cheek and be well blended into your bronzer, so the two flow seamlessly together.

Blush Me Once, Blush Me Twice

To me, nothing brightens the face like a healthy dose of blush. Add a little concealer under your eyes, 2 coats of black mascara on your top lashes and a lush looking lip gloss and you’ve just created a fresh, clean and simple every day face that will have you looking luminous, radiant and ready for spring in a jiffy!

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