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Summer Makeup Solutions For Your Makeup Woes

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Makeup Solutions – Are you finding that your tried and true makeup routine is just somehow letting you down? It happens every year – the weather gets warmer and your beauty routine grows cold. It’s absolutely normal that you will need to change your makeup and skincare needs as the weather warms.

I’ve discussed excellent skincare options in my last blog, so today we’ll focus on better choices for your makeup in the hot summer months.


Makeup Solutions
Professional Celebrity Makeup Artist – Dina Altieri

Here are some general guidelines that should set you straight and send you sailing into a sassy & satisfying summer beauty routine:

Swap out your foundation for a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream.

Forget foundation altogether and just dab on some of your favorite concealer and mineral powder. Mineral powder is an amazing product because it’s really flexible. You can get anywhere from sheer, minimal coverage to maximum coverage from it depending on how you apply it and what you apply it with.

Swap out your cream blush for a powder or gel based blush. Cream can tend to be too heavy for the warm summer months and can disappear in the humidity. Powders and gels will look pretty and really stand up to the heat.

Brows, brows, brows – I cannot say it enough. Even the sheerest summer makeup looks still require a brow that is groomed and well defined. Do not skip this step.

Everyone loves the nude and no makeup look in the summer months and there’s no better way to do this than to apply sheer products that can layer well together. Choose a more sheer concealer, choose a lightweight bb cream or mineral powder and a gel blush and you’ll look shower fresh, but totally polished enough for that breakfast meeting.

Never skip the mascara. If you want to simplify then do so by using 2 light coats on your top lashes only. That makes the eyes look fresh, uplifted and not overdone. Worried your mascara will smear in the intense humidity on your way to work? Switch to a waterproof formula. Most are easy to remove with a gentle eye makeup remover and will pleasantly surprise you with their wearability. Too afraid that black mascara will overpower your daytime nude, no makeup look? Not a problem – try a rich shade of dark brown, you’ll love it’s warm and natural appeal.

Too hot for eyeshadow? Switch to a waterproof cream formula that will look great with just a light swipe across the lid with your index finger. Oh and don’t skip the eyeliner. You’ll find that nothing makes the lash-line look as full as a well placed eyeliner. If you’re afraid it will look too heavy,then try the tight lining technique which lines the lashes at their root, so the lashes look really full without any tell tale liner. Best industry secret I’ve ever learned.

Skip the lipliner and opt for a pretty, healthy looking shade of gloss. When in doubt choose a shade of pink that will go with your overall natural coloring. Pinks and corals lighten and brighten he face and not only look amazing with a suntan, but they will also coordinate well with the brighter clothing that you are undoubtably wearing these days.

We certainly hope these makeup tips help you to beat the heat & stop traffic at the same time!


Much Love,