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Tips and Tricks for Applying Liquid Foundation

Tips and Tricks for Applying Liquid Foundation

Foundation: it’s our best friend. It’s there for you when you need a quick cover-up, it makes the already beautiful tones of your skin blend together, and it’s an all-around helper for protecting your face. We’ve got even more reasons for you to love foundation, as well as some quick tips about easy application so you can get the best results.

In addition to serving as a base for the rest of your makeup, liquid foundation helps to hydrate dry skin while hiding away fine lines and enlarged pores. If that alone wasn’t a great benefit, liquid foundation also has the advantage of providing a vast variety of types and colors to match skin no matter how unique its tone is. Our organic liquid foundation, for example, has eight different varieties of color to blend with yours, and none of them will clog your pores.

Foundation also provides a barrier to pollutants in the environment. Some have additives that are helpful to your skin, such as moisturizers, sunscreen or astringents. If you hate working with oily foundation, look for quality products like our organic and mineral foundation that uses breathable, natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin.

Prepping Your Face Before Applying Liquid Foundation

Everyone has their own routine for managing their face because no one’s skin is the same. Whether you place more emphasis on exfoliation, balancing moisture or maximum gentleness, however, the cleansing process is no less important. We recommend these simple steps to keep your skin happy both before and after you apply makeup:
1. Follow your normal routine to wash, cleanse, and exfoliate your face.
2. Apply any skincare products you use, like moisturizer or hydrating serum.
3. Allow about 20 minutes for your face to dry and absorb skincare products. (Usually this is about the amount of time it takes to dry your hair, which means you can multitask without any extra effort!)
4. Apply a primer to your face. It will help your skin keep makeup in place.
5. Give the primer a minute or so to dry before applying foundation.

Foundation Primer Serum Before Applying Liquid Foundation

The Hands-on Process: Applying Foundation with Fingers

Want a skin-like finish to your foundation? Using your hands can do just that. When you apply makeup this way, you can’t skimp on cleanliness: washing your hands before and after the application is important to avoid spreading any dirt or excess oil on your face.

To start, pour (or squirt or pump—you do you!) a little bit of foundation onto the back of one of your hands. Dip a couple of fingers from your other hand into the foundation and dot your face with it.

From here, you can start blending the foundation in with the pads of your fingers, working from the center of your face outward. As you work, try to avoid the urge to rub the foundation into your skin, as it may smear and appear unnatural. Circular, upward-sweeping motions with light pressure from your fingers is a great way to blend!

Applying Foundation With a Brush

Brushes are great makeup tools for obtaining an even foundation application. When working with liquid foundation, synthetic brushes can be ideal, as they lack the cuticle of natural brushes that can trap excess makeup. While a synthetic brush still needs to be cleaned regularly, you’ll have an easier time than with a natural brush. They’ll also provide precision application so you get exactly the blend you want for your skin. Past the benefits for makeup application, synthetic brushes have the added bonus of being vegan and cruelty free, which is always a win!

How to Use a Flat Brush to Apply Liquid Foundation

  1. Pour out a little bit of foundation onto the back of your hand or makeup palette. With the flat side of your brush, rub across the foundation to get an even spread of product onto your brush. Do not glob the foundation onto the brush.
  2. Starting close to your nose, lightly sweep the brush across your face. As you do so, try to pay attention to how much foundation is getting laid down and adjust the pressure accordingly.
  3. To get around the contours of your nose, eyes, and mouth, pat the tip of the brush into the foundation. Again, do not glob the foundation onto the tip. Use a slight swirling motion for application.
  4. Check for areas of your face that you would like to build up more. Apply more foundation to those areas by using a patting technique.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation With a Round Brush

Although round brushes are less efficient at applying heavier amounts of foundation than flat brushes are, they offer versatility (you can use them for both liquid and powdered foundation) and a more air-brushed, professional finish. Try a medium-density brush to help you get a flawless look.

To start, dip the brush into the foundation without creating a glob. Apply the foundation to your face using a circular motion. Use light pressure and avoid dragging the brush as you gently buff the foundation evenly across your face.

Continue to buff until you get the look you desire. Don’t forget to blend into your hairline and down below your jawline.

How to Apply Foundation With a Sponge


Thinking about a foundation sponge vs a brush or your fingers? A good sponge like our latex free option will give you more control in applying foundation than just using your fingers. The result will be fuller coverage but with less product.

First, saturate your sponge with water before wringing it out. You should be left with a damp sponge. The saturated sponge will keep it from absorbing a lot of foundation. Also, it will give you a sheer and natural look.

After preparing the wet sponge foundation, pour a little liquid foundation onto the back of your hand or makeup palette. Pick up some of the foundation with the sponge and dot your face with it rather than rubbing the foundation across your face.

Using a blotting motion, tap and press the foundation to blend it into your skin. This stippling process will provide you with even coverage and better blending of the foundation. Use the contoured sections of the sponge to get around your eyes, nose, and mouth. Finally, wash out your sponge with soap and warm water and lay it on a towel to dry.
Don’t forget to treat your sponge well! Using a dirty sponge will not allow you to blend your makeup well. Sponges also wear out, so you will need to replace them about every couple of months.

Is It Better to Apply Foundation With a Brush or Finger?

As with just about everything you hear about skincare, there’s no one right solution for everyone. Even the “experts” have their preferences and will try to convince you why their way is better. Neither method is right nor wrong, but there are pros and cons to each one.

Some obvious benefits of your fingers are that they’re always with you and are free. However, your foundation can be streaky and uneven when applied with fingers.

Using a brush is a quick way to apply your foundation, and it is a good way to blend. Brushes are helpful tools that can control your coverage and get the foundation into hard to reach places.
When used correctly, it will buff the foundation into your skin for a great natural look. Just be sure to take good care of your brushes to keep the bristles from breaking.

There are a variety of shapes and materials you can choose from when it comes to sponges. Different contours, after all, help in applying just the right amount of foundation around your nose, eyes and mouth. They will also give you better application control than your fingers. The only downside is that sponges will absorb any extra product, so they need to be replaced often.

Use Liquid Foundations Made From Natural Ingredients

Foundations made from natural ingredients are good for your skin for a number of reasons: they don’t use harsh chemicals, they use breathable materials for your skin, and they often incorporate other natural ingredients that can help hydrate, heal and protect skin.

Hush + Dotti is all about natural beauty. When you purchase our products, you’re buying zero toxins, zero BS skincare and makeup with natural, clean, environmentally friendly ingredients. Try our organic liquid foundation for yourself to feel the difference as hydrating aloe and lightweight ingredients naturally flatter your skin