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Why Choose A Nontoxic Makeup Brand Over A Traditional One?

Why Choose A Nontoxic Makeup Brand Over A Traditional One?

Every day we hear more and more about the chemicals used in our food, our household products, our living environments and now in our beauty and personal care products.

Let me first qualify this by saying I am an artist, a busy makeup artist, educator and a city dweller. I know that a certain amount toxins are a realistic part of life here on planet Earth and I write this knowing that we are not living in a perfect pink bubble. That being said, we still need to be aware and give our bodies our best.

Nontoxic Makeup vs Traditional

So many people still don’t understand what all of the hub-bub is about. They figure if their parents or grandparents used a product or ate a certain food it must be ok, right? Wrong, wrong and wrong again. That same product that your parents or grandparents used years ago may bear no resemblance to what is actually being sold today.

Meaning that products today have been modified or altered to increase their profitability while decreasing the actual quality of their ingredients. We literally can’t take things at face value.

Why Choose A Nontoxic Makeup Brand Over A Traditional One?

Why does this happen? Big brands mean big business. With big business comes big wigs with big salaries who need big profits to keep their big wheels going. This is a big reason why I always encourage people to give sincere thought to what you invite into your homes and especially into and onto your bodies. Research the story, the company and the ingredients behind your favorite products and make sure they fit into your personal value system.

Over the past few years we have seen a movement in our food sources towards being organic. Restaurants are trending towards being “farm to table” and people are asking questions about ingredients. Interestingly enough, this conversation about ingredients is now translating into awareness about what we are putting on our bodies in terms of our beauty and personal care products.

Our skin seems like nothing more than the protective outer layer of our bodies. What you may not realize is that the skin, in actuality, is the largest organ of the body. Our personal care products get absorbed into the skin and therefore need to be processed through the liver just like the foods we eat.

The skin is not just a shell. What we put on our skin is definitely a factor in what could be making us feel good, bad or ugly. Our health is at stake here. We should encourage others around us, our children, our friends and family to choose their beauty products more wisely.

What better way to do that then to ensure that the products they are using were created by a Chemical-Free Brand with their best interest in mind.

Why Should You Choose A Nontoxic Brand?

One indicator that your beauty care routine may be working against you is to take a good, hard look at your lifestyle choices. If you dedicate yourself to exercising and eating right and still feel like you could be feeling or looking better, don’t be afraid to do some digging.


Your products could contain allergens or other toxins that could be slowing you down or making you feel just plain awful. Our bodies can only detoxify so much. We are overloaded from our environment, our food sources, our technology and certainly from the products we use every day. Give your body a break. Be it’s best advocate by taking the mystery out what you’re placing in it and on it.

News? What News?

The good news is that there are information rich resources out there that can help you understand what’s in your beauty choices. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some common ingredients are known hormonal or endocrine disruptors, some colorants can be toxic and some components can be traced to, yup, I said it – the C word…Cancer. As a matter of fact, I am oversimplifying so as not to completely depress you. Needless to say it calls for some attention. Actually no it demands it. Chemical-Free Brand are you my savior?

There Are Good Chemicals & Bad Chemicals

What to do? Just like you reach for that green juice, or that piece of fruit, or the delicious all natural homemade blueberry muffin – the same mind set should be transferring over to your choices for beauty products. Look for beauty products made by a Chemical-Free Brand. Look for ingredients that you can pronounce. If you can’t pronounce them then give’em a Google. Not everything you can’t pronounce is necessarily bad. You deserve to know what it is before slathering it on your largest bodily organ. Don’t make yourself sick for the sake of being pretty.

Go Cruelty-Free

Lastly, Animal Testing. The very phrase gives me goosebumps just writing it. I find it appalling that there’s even a need for it. When was the last time you saw a cute bunny wearing that big name brand’s lipstick? I’ve never met a bunny that showed me how to use a cleanser or apply a foundation. Why should animals die for the sake of our beauty products? It makes absolutely no sense. Plant based choices are just as glamorous, effective and high in quality.

No animal should suffer for the sake of finding your lip gloss or mascara safe to use. There are lots of big brands out there claiming to be “cruelty-free” but let’s face it folks, they’re technically not. There are still countries out there, like China, that demand that products be tested on animals in order to be sold. If your  beauty brand is sold in China I promise you that the lives of animals have been sacrificed for it.

Say no to this type of cruelty in your beauty choices, just as you do in all aspects of your life. For more information head over to our friends at or They are two organizations that are very dedicated to changing the laws throughout the world.

Why Choose A Nontoxic Makeup Brand Over A Traditional One?
Animal Testing Must Stop. Globally

Give some thought to the choices you make. It has been said that when you look good, you feel good. The reality is that when you feel good, you can’t help but look great!

All the best my beauties,