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Why The Word “Natural” Is Often A Lie

Natural Beauty

Why is everything everywhere being called “all natural”? We see it everywhere – it’s on food labels, it’s on your beauty products and it’s even a way of life for some people, but what does it mean when our products say they’re “all natural”?

Natural Beauty

Believe it or not, the FDA does not have an official definition for the word “natural” even when it pertains to natural beauty products. As you can imagine, it’s naturally (pun intended) difficult to regulate the use of that word on our product labels because it has no clear cut & well defined meaning. For that reason alone, we cannot and should not assume that something labeled “natural” or “all natural” actually does have pure, clean, nontoxic or all natural components and ingredients.

The sad truth is there can be little truth in advertising. Of course, the amount of truth will vary from product to product and what it’s marketing angle is. There is only one way to be sure that your products are all natural and that is to be your own expert. It is important to do your own research into what you find acceptable to ingest and to put on your body in terms of your beauty care products.

The FDA does not have an official definition for the word “natural”

Did you know that if you rub a piece of garlic on the bottom of your foot that you’ll be able to taste it in a matter of minutes? Yes, it’s true. This is why I am an advocate on using products on your body that are as pure as possible. Get to know your labels. Google the meaning of those ingredients for both your food labels and your beauty product labels. Seek out all natural beauty products that are truly all natural. Your liver and kidneys work very hard to detoxify your body. Give them a helping hand by knowing exactly what you are putting in and on your body. One of my favorite resources is “Paula Choice”. It is an excellent database of ingredients and their toxicity levels. Paula is known as the “cosmetics cop” and her website has become a true go to of mine.

Natural Beauty

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – most big corporations are in the business of making big profits. Big profits happen by using cost effective ingredients and materials. That’s why we see so much mineral oil in our products. Mineral oil is a byproduct of crude oil and has virtually no market value at all. Using cheap ingredients like this and lots of meaningless fillers is how big companies continue to make big profits, please all of those investors and pay all of those big salaries. That’s not good news for us consumers, but it’s great news for their bottom line.

We have total and complete control over what we buy, what we eat and what we choose to put in & on our bodies. The real power is in each and every one of our hands! It’s your beauty you want to enhance so be mindful of that and take care to use true all natural beauty products.
So I encourage you to please think before you slather. Think before you guzzle that soda or gnaw on that burger. You only get one body, be good to it.

Dina Altieri – CoFo & Creative Director

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