Why Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty Difference

Clean Beauty creates a feeling of self love. Telling the truth. Creating soulful connections. Laughing out loud. Clean living. That’s what we’re all about.

When a client smiles brightly into the mirror after their makeup application, you can feel their joy on a very deep level. At Hush + Dotti, we take clean beauty much further than just that outer layer of skin. Our products ensure that you are not only getting the finest quality makeup & skin care, but that you are making a healthy choice for your body.

Our formulas are as original as we are. Animal testing is not an option. Industry friends & colleagues are the only tests bunnies we will ever need. And don’t worry, they’re all alive and living well in NYC. Plus their standards are much higher than the average wabbit. You’ll discover our ingredient lists are the cleanest you will find. You’ll feel our passion for creating hip, sexy, luxurious & incredibly effective beauty products without all of the toxic garbage. You are safe with us.

Fads, Don’t Think So

Today’s consumers are reading the ingredient list on every single product. The reality has finally set in that what we put on our skin has the exact same impact as what we put in our mouths. This is not a trend, nor is this a passing fad. This is us being present during a huge shift in both consciousness and expectations. Clean beauty is here to stay.


This isn’t a game of hide and go seek. Our information is clear & honest. Each product is described to the best of our ability. We’ll never omit anything from our ingredient lists like some of our competitors do. Know that we won’t drown you in fancy marketing mumbo jumbo. Ever! This industry isn’t regulated by the FDA, but we conduct our business like it is. We don’t hide our ingredient lists or make them so difficult to find that you just give up. A huge part of our mission is to work hard at keeping our packaging simple, so that we can keep our ingredient list elaborate. In addition, we care enough to make sure that all of our packaging materials are recyclable. Proudly founded, located, created, sourced & manufactured in the USA. Not too many clean beauty companies can say that.

Finally, LOVE is our first ingredient for a reason. Love is in the aromatherapy you experience from our products. Love is what you feel when your skin radiates from the purity of our products. Love is what you’ll feel from our amazing customer care team. Love is the quality ingredients we put in every jar. Love is our commitment to giving you our very best.


We are certified cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny, Cruelty Free International and PETA.