Why Use H+D

The Difference

Making someone look and feel beautiful is something I am beyond passionate about. After being a makeup artist for nearly 25 years, it was crystal clear to me that there is a new phenomenon going on! Client after client kept asking questions about the ingredients in their beauty products. After many conversations, what I learned was simple – we, in the beauty industry can do better. So I set out to do better & that is how H+D was born.

My partner and I took our passion for beauty and turned it into our life’s mission. We studied the most effective products out there, combined many ingredients together & took out all of the parabens, filler, chemical preservatives, wheat & harsh toxins (just to name a few). Our formulas are as original as we are. Animal testing is not an option. Our industry friends & colleagues are the only tests bunnies we will ever need. Plus their standards are much higher than the average rabbit.

Fads, Don't Think So

This is not a trend, nor is this a passing fad. This is us being present during a huge shift in both consciousness and expectations. Clean beauty is here to stay.


We don’t believe in hiding anything from you or making our ingredient list so hard to find that you eventually forget why you care. Our plant based skincare & makeup really works. For realz. We have cleared up acne prone skins and delighted sensitive skins everywhere. Our makeup is of the highest quality. It looks great, smells great, has the perfect pigments and is the best compliment to our nontoxic skincare. We work hard to keep our packaging simple, so that we can keep our ingredient list elaborate.

From H+D you can expect transparency with our ingredient lists. Love is our first ingredient for a reason. Love is what you will smell when you open up one of our products. Love is also what you’ll feel from our amazing customer care team. Our passion is creating hip, sexy, luxurious & incredibly effective beauty products without all of the garbage. We are certified cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny, Cruelty Free International and PETA.

We are proud to say that our products are vegan and contain no parabens, phthalates, glycols, wheat, gluten or GMOs.
For a full list of what we left out of our products, please see our No, No, No page.
Our mission is to truly change the world one beauty product a time